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Old 02-13-2010, 11:04 AM   #1
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Default 2008 TM3023 vs 2010 TM3023

We are looking to purchase a TM and have an opportunity to buy a 2008 TM3023 or order a new 2010, same model, from a local dealer. The 2008 has only been used once for two weeks by the dealer owner. The 2008 has been sitting on their lot for a little over a year. There is a $2,420 price difference between the 2008 & 2010.

Can anyone tell us the difference with construction, equipment, etc. between the two years? We have been researching this trailer for a few years and the model layout has not changed, but we would like to compare the amenities/improvements.

Thanks for any help?
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An RV is like a car - it loses a lot of value the moment it is driven off the lot. RVs may be worse, in fact. With this in mind, it seems to me he is not marking down the 2008 unit NEARLY enough. You can play around at and get an idea of how fast these things depreciate. Be careful with this site, and use it as a guide only. Don't go wild checking off Options in the list - the TM has only a few real options - and check off the same options for each year. It says that a 2008 3023 with air conditioner and awning is assigned a value of $19,160. A 2009 3023 equipped the same way is assigned a value of $28,360. So this shows a depreciation of about $9000 in the second year. And you are looking at two years of difference.

As for "only been used once for two weeks by the dealer owner" - well, maybe, maybe not. When my wife bought her fancy-schmancy Saab convertible (this was almost 20 years ago), it had "only been used for a few weeks by the dealer's wife". And yet it was a used car, and the discount off the new price was substantial. It was still pretty high on the used car valuation list, for sure - but it wasn't considered new, or priced as new. With a car, of course, you know how much it has been used - there is an odometer. With a trailer, you have no idea.

Buy the way, have you scrolled through the TM For Sale listings on this site?

Just my thoughts

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Old 02-13-2010, 03:23 PM   #3
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Default 2008 TM vs. New

Only a $2420 difference between a 2-yr old Model 3023 and a current year model?

For that price difference, I'll sell you my 2008 Model 3023 (just kidding). Seriously, I've been watching posts on TM's for sale and noticed how much book value is lost so quickly.

I agree with should expect a much deeper discount for the older model.
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Old 02-13-2010, 03:38 PM   #4
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A rule of thumb on travel trailers is 20% depreciation the first year, 20% the second year. 10-15% per year after that. TMs tend to hold their value better than most but still.

If you order a new one, you should get at least 20% off the list price.

Keep us posted.
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Old 02-13-2010, 06:55 PM   #5
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Exclamation Slightly used or ?


In addition to the good comments already posted, for reference; We purchased a barely used 2008 2720SD TM in Oct of 08. We'd been looking at them for several years, so when I found this one at a dealership on line, I jumped. Discovered that it had been purchased new in Aug '08 in Phoenix, moved to Oregon and traded in on a Hi-Lo in October. We paid $19,000 for it, NADA currently rates it at $20,040 avg retail. The stove, fridge, shower, bed.. nothing had been used - most of the protective plastic and stickers were on everything! The toilet was charged, but only used once on their move to OR. Owner's wife had declining health issues & he decided he was better off with quick set up of the Hi-Lo.

When we finally got to use it last summer /fall '09, we were discovering all sorts of moderate to minor issues that disturb us only because ours was essentially new. I agree with Bill's note that "As for "only been used once for two weeks by the dealer owner" - well, maybe, maybe not"... he is right on. If you pay a little more than NADA to this dealer, get some kind of warranty coverage included so that if you find something like we did, you know it will be taken care of, since it has "only been used once for two weeks"!! I have documented all of our issues by photos, and am beginning to look and seek info in the forum for some of them. I plan to post them as well as talk to the factory about them. I feel most are Quality Control issues because, while we might expect many of these to be present if the trailer were 2-3 years old with some real use, we would not and did not expect them from a 'new' (or "lightly used") RV. Sort of feel like we got the model that was assembled on the last Friday of the month and just before a holiday.

The worst issue we've had is that during manufacture, some idiot ran a screw through the bathroom cabinet cleat on the floor into the water line under the floor of the bathroom! Discovered that a couple days into our first 2 wk trip - pump occasionally coming on for 1/2 a second, then finding some moisture wicking up the inside wood of the cabinet! No evidence of it when I first set up at home, got the water lines flushed and tanks filled and tested everything. I was talking to Ed Lytle at the factory while on our trip over the course of several days and even emailed him pictures of the wet area and screw; he also discussed it with the lead designer and assembly floor tech and Ed told me there was "no way" a screw could have been put there. The repair facility tried to talk to the TM factory about it being an obvious factory defect and didn't get anywhere either.

Good thing we were tent campers and used to packing water and not needing the sink! And thankfully had presence of mind to purchase the Good Sam CSP warranty for it right after purchase. It paid for all but the deductible to have a large local dealer here repair the water line. I have yet to take that up with the factory, since they would do nothing when the repair facility told them the screw and leak were obviously factory caused. I also found 2 screws (mounting the water heater, screwed from the outside of the trailer that were sharp, self-tapping) in direct contact and rubbing on two water lines above the water heater.

IF we had been closer to the dealer that I purchased from (Geo. Sutton RV in Eugene, OR) I am sure they would have done a lot to cure my problem, but seeing as I could not easily get it to them to find the cure, they had no chance to help.

I still have many issues to deal with, for example: the black rubber exterior seals around all the windows have shrunk (I guess) and separated at a corner leaving a 1/2" plus gap on all but two windows; Have some screws that are just plain loose on various pieces of exterior molding; 10"+ of each of the velcro strips on the interior walls for holding down the weather flaps on the front top section have come unglued; 3 of the window drapes are undersized (short vertically) for the windows they are on and several of the little plastic sliders sewn on the fabric have broken; the vinyl (?) covering on the interior of the bathroom walls is delaminating. We have only used the shower twice (remember no water for our 'maiden' trip!); the kitchen sink was only clamped/screwed down in the back (loosely at that), front clamps were not engaged and sink was not sealed with caulk at all when set into the counter top. Just a few off the top of my head.

Other than these issues, we are still very excited with the trailer and figure we'll have many years of enjoyment (albeit with a bit more immediate "maintenance" than I expected so early into the life of the trailer!). So I guess I'm suggesting that you should get a good price and/or get some written assurance from the dealer to take care of what otherwise would be warranty items on a new trailer, then you should be good with the '08.

Good Luck! Fred
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Old 02-15-2010, 09:40 AM   #6
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Wow, this site is great. Never expected such a great response. We will definitely check out the NADAGUIDES website. Thanks for the 20%, etc. depreciation info. We were not aware of that. Thanks Fred for all your comments, these are things we can check out on Wednesday (2/16/2010) when we go to see the 2008 model. We talked to the dealer at the Novi, MI camper show last Thursday and they are going to have the 2008 TM3023 set up for us in the showroom to go over. I will be making a check list of the items you mentioned just to give the trailer a thorough once over. I will also review the 2008 TM3023 models on this site to see the pricing so we are armed with a little more information than we had with us at the camper show. You see, my husband is the "handy man" and I'm the computer geek, so I'll have to show him all the feedback we have received.

Next week we are also taking a ride to the factory in Lake City, TN for the tour. . . will keep everyone posted. Being newly retired, 10-year tent campers and 17 year popup campers (1992 Rockwood XL), we are really looking forward to using this trailer.

Thanks again.
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Old 02-15-2010, 05:20 PM   #7
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Default Still looking to sell my 07 3023

Check it out in the "For Sale" section of the forum. I would be happy to deliver it to Michigan for you.
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Old 02-18-2010, 07:37 AM   #8
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We just upgraded from a 1992 Rockwood XL popup will love the Trailmanor.....easier to set up and much more comfortable...have fun!
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Old 02-20-2010, 10:34 AM   #9
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We looked over the 2008 TM3023 a few days ago at the dealer and took our check list with us. We we there for a couple of hours, but are holding off on making a decision until we tour the factory on Monday. The dealer also called the factory and talked to a couple of guys down there to let them know we would be coming.

Drapersc, what a coincidence that you also owned a 1992 Rockwood XL. I loved that trailer and had many great camping memories in it. I cried when the new owners drove it away. I'm sure I'll love my TM just as much.

We are also making a stop in Florida and NC so will not have access to internet for about 10 days. We are already making camping reservations for this spring and summer - very excited. Thanks for all your help and will keep you posted when we get back.
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Old 03-01-2010, 03:58 PM   #10
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fischnet52 mentioned the Hi-Lo being eaiser to setup then a TM, true, but they do weigh more and they have less space in them after they are setup. I'm sure they are a good trailer but I was reading on one of the Hi-Lo forums, it was either HiLoTrailerForum or the Yahoo Hi-Lo group, that the new models weren't getting any lighter and with TV's getting smaller the weight keeps becoming a bigger issue. I suppose in the end its personal preference and lifestyle that makes one trailer better then another.
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