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Old 06-28-2009, 12:50 PM   #1
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Default Have Question About Purchasing TrailManor

Hello TrailManor Owners: I just found this wonderful website this morning while searching the Internet for used TrailManors. So I would like to take advantage of all your knowledge about TrailManors if you don't mind. We have a bid in ebay on a 1997 23/30 TrailManor and I was wondering if we have bid too high and if we should we go any higher if outbid? It is suppose to be in very good condition only needing a jack installed that owner never got around to replacing but he has the jack, just needs installed. From pictures it looks very clean and only a few minor bumbs and scratches on the outside but pictures never tell the true story, we found that out when we purchased a boat thru ebay. I looked up NADA but not knowing exactly what the TM comes with I had to guess on some items, tried to go with lowest to keep quote low instead of too high. It said the low value was $3700 and the average value would be around $4500. We have already put a bid in for $4675 but will not go any higher if you all tell me that's too high. I have another question too. I have looked at TrailManor website and it says our 6cyl 2005 Chry Town and Country can pull this size TM but those who have acutally pulled this size TM with our type vehicle can tell me better if this is true. We want to travel from FL to Alaska, we have pulled pop up before but never a trailer of this size. We would like to stop at Grand Cayon along the way and maybe take the Pacific highway for awhile, but I am nervous about our T&C pulling this size trailer up any mountains or steep hills. We have seen some campgrounds that have pretty scary inclines and I was wondering if we should totally avoid those? Well, I hope next time I post on this website I will be able to say we have joined the TrailManor family. Thanks for any help and suggestions you can provide. RJ
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I would not buy a TM of that age off eBay (unless it was really cheap, which that isn't)....maybe that's just me but I feel that way too much can go wrong on a 13-year-old camper to buy it sight unseen. BTW....I looked up the ad on eBay. I wouldn't pay more than $2500 for that trailer. For one thing, it has no title. He says that no title is required in SC but I doubt that is true. The general look of that trailer looks worn-out. One other thing, a 3023 is 27' fully opened (not that it matters). He states that it is under 3000#....not true, the manuf wt may be under 3000# but the cabinets, stove, fridge, AC, furnace, propane etc all add weight. You will find that it is closer to 3500-4000#. My 1998 2720 ways 4000# (on the scales) and it's a lot smaller than that trailer.

Now, for your 2005 T&C....... Here are the specs that I found on your vehicle. Check your Owner's Manual for your actual specs but I think they will be close:

Curb weight 4,331 lbs.
GVWR 5,600 lbs.
Payload 1,513 lbs.
Towing capacity 3,700 lbs.
GCWR 8,600 lbs.

The most critical # that you have to work with is the GCWR (Gross Combined Weight Rating). That tells you the total amount of weight that your vehicle is rated for including, trailer, passengers, cargo and fuel.

If you take your GCWR of 8600# and subtract the vehicle curb weight, of 4331#, you find that your vehicle's total capacity is 4269# (including all cargo, trailer, passengers and fuel).

You'll need to check the actual weight of the TM but I think that you may find that it exceeds 4000# (including all optional equip). That leaves you less than 269# for passengers, all cargo (incl trailer cargo) and fuel.

What must be kept in mind is the fact that even a VW Beetle can pull one of these trailers at hwy speeds (not on hills of course), the issue is more stopping than pulling. Of course, other factors come into play in the GCWR of a vehicle like suspension, steering, tires, brakes and a whole host of other details. The bottom line is the bottom line though and that is that you should not exceed any single rating that your vehicle is designed for. This is particularly critical when towing. The biggy though is your GCWR. If you exceed that, chances are, you are exceeding all of the other ratings on the vehicle. Very dangerous thing to do.

You will have many people tell you, "I tow with my xxxxxx and have never had a problem". If you are looking for approval only, you'll be sure to find it. If your looking for facts.......check the facts yourself. It's as simple as looking in your Owner's Manual and doing a little math.
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Old 06-28-2009, 01:57 PM   #3
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Thank you for your reply. Guess we will have to wait and see if we get outbidded and then walk away from this one. Was more in our price range but don't want to pay too much for a defective TM either. Thank you as well for the info on towing, we really would like a 19/26 TM, just the two of us and two small dogs so don't need a whole lot of room. We have a 1992 19' Sunlite that was remodeled by previous owner and we love it but gets a little crowded in there. haha Thanks again, RJ
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Old 06-28-2009, 02:41 PM   #4
Scott O
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I completely agree with Wayne. No way I would ever purchase a TM without being able to examine it. And to do this successfully requires some education on your part. TMs are unlike any other RV. They have strengths, weaknesses, and quirks. You need to know what to look for so you can avoid making a big mistake. And have come to the right place for information. Join so you have full access, and then start with the questions on anything you can't find.
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You definitely should be able to inspect it before purchase. I sympathize, though, because I was very excited to get into a TM and saw one on eBay that looked so good. DH set his foot down and said no way was he buying anything he couldn't see and run systems in first. It took a few months, but we finally found exactly what we wanted in our state, and even though we had to make a couple trips, we scored big! We got a lot of help from experienced owners here on the forum and got a good deal on a great trailer. Turns out DH was right, there is a lot to look at before you buy.

You ought to let us on this forum know where you are looking, and we could let you know if we see any advertised in that area. This site is such a great resource for owners (and future owners) of the wonderful TrailManor -- and we're all pretty friendly and helpful, if I do say so myself.
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Old 06-28-2009, 05:12 PM   #6
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All your replies have been very much appreciated. We may have to accept a bad feedback on ebay if we end up winning this auction, our first ever, but don't want to buy something that we will regret later. Wish I had found this website first. Yes, everyone does seem pretty friendly and very helpful from other replies to questions asked by other new TM owners or those considering buying one. We don't even know what DWH or DHW means, whatever that was I was reading about on other helpful replies. All I could figure out is it is something you need on your towing vehicle. Haven't a clue what it is or where to get it or how much it cost. We live in central FL, just north of Tampa. There are some TM's posted around our area but all are too costly for our budget. We always thought we would like a TM but never could afford one, reason we jumped on the one listed on ebay. Oh well, another one of life's lessons learn the hard way. Thanks to all of you, will keep my fingers crossed now that someone outbids us. RJ
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Old 06-28-2009, 05:22 PM   #7
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Not being that familiar with Ebay, can't you just cancel your bid?

Mike Anderson
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Old 06-28-2009, 05:34 PM   #8
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I concur about buying a TM, or any trailer, on Ebay. There are just too many things you cannot see on Ebay that need to be evaluated in person.

We located our TM through Craig's List. If you find something on Ebay, e-mail the owner and inspect in person, then make the offer.
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Old 06-28-2009, 05:56 PM   #9
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Seems like I saw somewhere on the forum a list of abbreviations. It took me a while to figure everything out as well - there are still some that befuddle me. The ones you refer to are, I think -
DW - darling wife
DH - darling husband
WDH - weight distributing hitch
TV confused me for a while till I realized it was the tow vehicle and not a television!

Good luck (or bad luck I guess!) with the eBAY auction.
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Originally Posted by ragmopp View Post
Not being that familiar with Ebay, can't you just cancel your bid?

Mike Anderson

Yes you can with a good reason or at least you used to be able to when I was a Power Seller. The way I remember it you can cancel within a certain time limit to the ending time.I would do everything I could to get out of that bid there are just to many things you need to look at on a TM especially one that old before purchasing.

Also that TM isn't worth anything close to what a NADA would estimate with no title IMO. I have seen people get stuck with items because they thought they could get a title after purchasing. Not to mention what if there really is a title & after you fix it up someone shows up to claim it.

One more thing I noticed you are not really dealing with the owner on this so that would be another Red Flag.

Also try to think about the possible resale value for you someday.

Sorry for being on the soap box I just hate to see people make mistakes. I am very untrusting of strangers as you can tell.

Good Luck & remember there is always another good deal but in this case it just doesn't seem like a good deal.

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