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Default True Description of TM Toilet system


We are current owners of an Aliner LX. We have put many miles on our rig and have all good things to say about it. As we advance in age, we are looking for a bit more room and, of greatest priority, a bathroom. We know the new Aliner Ease has a BR, but we would like a tad more room.

The TM 2720SL looks like just the ticket for our needs. I have read various threads and still do not quite understand the toilet system in the TM. Can someone slowly walk me through the set up? The "recirculating concept" almost seems to me to be a porta potti. If there is no black water tank, where does the waste sit? My other problem is we have never seen a TM "in the flesh" so to speak. Perhaps if we did, we would better understand. We are hoping to do this when we stop in at Auburn RV in Wash. state later this month. Thanks in advance if someone can help.

Ian Parsons
Courtenay BC Can
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I don't know exactly which model the TM's now use, but ours is very much like this one:

If you read through the owners manual you'll get an idea of what it is all about.

Basically, there is no black water tank on TM's, so the tank is within the toilet itself. It flushes by "recirculating" the filtered liquid in the tank as the flush water. You're supposed to "charge" the toilet first with fresh water and add approved chemicals to make the toilet stay fresh-smelling. You only see liquid in the bowl when it's being flushed (or when it gets too full!).

Hope this helps.

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There are many posts on the "workings" of the Thetford toilet in the TM. Briefly, it's the "recirculating" type. The same types are used on airplanes.

Basically, there's a filter that separates solids from fluids. The fluids, combined with the toilet chemicals, are used to "flush" the toilet. The actual waste is held in the toilet like a porta potty but this toilet has a drain system to the outside so it is emptied in the same manner that a toilet with and external holding tank would (e.g., dumb the toilet, close the valve and then dump the gray tank).

The major complaints you will hear concern the smell. I only smell the chemicals and they aren't objectionable. Others prefer a tank based system as a result. The TM toilet uses less water. I've had both types and I think that as long as the seals in the toilet are OK, the recirculating type works pretty well (although I have to qualify this by saying I've only been a TM owner since last fall).

As far as never having seen one, I think you're in for a treat. It's well engineered and is indeed very light. I suspect that, in the future, RV manufacturers will be emulating TM's techniques to lighten things up while maintaining all of the necessary "glamping" accessories.

Good luck and let us all know your impressions.

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Have you checked out the toilet tutorial in the TM Reference Library, aka TM Info You Won't Find Anywhere Else? It may help.

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