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Old 05-14-2008, 05:21 PM   #1
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Default soon to be new owner

allright fellas a friend called and asked if I wanted to buy a camper off them for 500 dollars. the told me that the only thing wrong with it is there is some leaky pipes under the sink and that was it. I bought their daughters truck of them last year and everything they said was wrong was true. I figured hey for 500 bucks it is worth it even if I only use it for one year. went and looked at it today and it is a 1992 model and the only thing it says on the side is trailmanor 26 it has a queen size bed front and back. a small living room the ac unit and fridge is new as of last year. the only damage I can physically see is on the drivers side there is a cut in the outer shell about 2 ft long and is in the top half of the front. they sealed it back up. everything seems sturdy and the only thing that looks like is damaged is a hold down in the back corner looks like it is ready to come out. but a few new screws will fix this. there looks to be some water staining on the floor but I am not sure if this is from their daughter and her boyfriend using it last summer all summer or if it comes from storage. the floor seems strong and not rotted out. I have allready called em up and told em I would take it. what I am wondering is what size hitch comes on this camper. I have never seen anything like this before we always have popups before. I definately will enjoy this this summer. I have a 93 chevy shortbed pickup that I use to haul a good bit of stuff in the summer and I have seen where alot of people recomend a WDH. I haul a enclosed trailor every week during the summer and never have a problem with it. occastionally I haul stuff on my fathers flatbed trailer and load it down with farm equipment. I have a good bit of experience hauling trailers and such is it needed. any info you guys could help me out with I would appreciate. thanks and takereasy ben
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Old 05-14-2008, 06:27 PM   #2
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The thing you probably really need to check are the walls. '92 model is going to have a lot of wood in the walls. Having a two foot gash might have let in water and that might have cause the wood structure to rot.

The thing is at $500 all the parts alone are probably close to being worth that. If you don't mind a significant amount of fix up. Others have done that, and maybe someone on this site can provide you with links to see what might have to be done.
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Old 05-17-2008, 02:43 PM   #3
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well I just got it home and set it up by myself. not too hard once I realized it was latched at the center. one thing I am wondering is the awning has some broken bars that I only imagine hold up the ends. these were broken and I was wondering where do you get new ones? I should not need a wd hitch but since my father has a extra laying here I will probably use it. I was looking through the old owners manual and they are claiming that you can use a v6 to pull this trailer effortlessly. the short trip it took to get home my chevy hardly noticed it other then a little bit of weight. I can only imagine that is because of the short wheel base of the vehicle. other then that everything is sturdy and the walls are made of styrofoam atleast that is what the manual says. so far I am extremely happy with this camper and if I get another one that might be newer it will probably be a trail manor. got three trips allready planned for this summer. takereasy ben smyser
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Great find! I tow without a WDH and your full size truck might too. Sounds like it is set up for towing and you have experience.

Check the TM for structural issues like rotting. Nip those in the bud and you'll have a great trailer. You'll get your money's worth easily. I spent 13K on my 2003 a year ago and have already gotten my money's worth. We go out once a month or every other and I've saved on hotel charges to make up for it. Think how much better you did. One trip could return your money!
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Wow, it sounds like you found an extreme deal on this TM! Be sure it's well sealed with caulking around the corners, windows, seams, skylights & TV antenna. A cover will help keep it in good shape.

Congrats on your "new" TM and have lot of good camping trips this summer!

Keep us posted on your camping adventures & let us know if you have any more questions.

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