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Old 11-29-2006, 12:01 PM   #1
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I went and looked at a Trailmanor yesterday and what a nice camper. However we have a new baby (1 year old) and are trying to plan for the future with the purchase of a camper. My wife feels there is not enough "free" space in a trailmanor. I was wondering if anyone owned another trailer with more "free" space that they would recommend. I truely loved the Trailmanor, great craftmanship.
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We have looked at, considered and owned lots of campers of all kinds -- popups, a lightweight travel trailer, fifth wheels, and now a Trailmanor. First, we wanted to two an easy to handle camper that was economical to tow becuase of lower wind resistance. Second, we did not want to have to buy a big truck to pull a fifth wheel or heavy trailer. THird, we wanted to be able to store our camper in our driveway, which is narrow and crowded into a city lot. With the TM we got as much floor place as we had with our travel trailer -- just less to tow. THe weights of the two were similar, but our gas milage was 8 with the trailer and 14 with the Trailmanor. The floor plan is generally similar to our travel trailer, and the only thing I don't love is the low profile fridge. So, we bought a plug-in cooler that we use to supplement the fridge. It rides in the car plugged into the lighter and it lives in the camper plugged into electricity to hold beverages and snacks. In all, we feel that while we love the look of a huge fifth wheel, we do not want to tow it. We love the TM. Take a look at the larger ones. We bought the 3124KS. Queeneireads aka Judi
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Default what exactly is free?

We camped in a pop-up tent trailer with a four year old. My parents took me tent camping at six months (my sister was five and my brother was two). I can't think what she wants as "free space". No one with sense camps with a little kid, that's why it's so much fun. A TM with a bed at both ends has a built in playpen if you put those bed guard rails on the one the child uses. You know, the ones that tuck under the mattress. Our son slept surrounded by his toys in that tent trailer and still talks about how much fun he had on that vacation. Count on chaos and go for it. What memories your family will make!
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We've had a cabover camper with a lot less space than our TM and it worked out great for us and the kids when they were tiny, also had a 12' Aloha that was cozy for us and that we loved (and all four of us slept in), and now we have the 2720 TrailManor. I would have felt so spoiled having our TM when our kids were much more room, an indoor toilet, and a bathtub to bathe them in, instead of going into the public showers!

Maybe your wife really wants a much bigger RV, or really doesn't want to go "camping"?

I'm not sure what she means by "free space". Does she mean room for the little ones to crawl around on the floor? They don't stay that little for long, and before you know it they be running around everywhere and climbing up on everything, and could climb up on the beds at either end. It's kind of hard being in any RV with energetic children; that's why we tried to camp with ours in good weather when we didn't have to be cooped up inside but could all spend most of the time outside.

What model of the TM's did you look at? I'd think that the bigger TM models would have more than enough room for a family of three. We're a little cramped in our 2720 with (now) 4 adult sized people, but it works for us. And it brings us really close together on our family vacations!
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Old 11-30-2006, 08:52 AM   #5
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Thumbs up Room to grow

Hi Claym, We are new owners of a 2006-2720 TM. We have camped with our grandchildren ages 13,11,9,and 4. The front beds work great for all them. When we are in for the evening the little one use the front bed for their play area. They watch tv or play hand held video games and even sometimes read.
With that many kids it can be crowded, but then any trailer would be crowded. We do use a private campground and as members we go there as much as we can. The kids love fishing,riding bikes,swiming,and the two playgrounds that are on the campground. Believe me camping with one little one will be no problem. If you can check out a 2720 to see the space it provides. Oh yes, there's also the queen size bed in back too. The little one will be in seventh heaven. Don't know what part of the country your in but check the dealers page to see the closest dealer to visit or member of the form that has a 2720 to show you. Good Luck and happy camping. I am in the Quad cities area of Illinois,Rock Island,Moline,East Moline,Milan,Davenport Iowa,Bettendorf,Ia. If you are going to be in the area let me know. You can send a private message on the form. Sorry, did'nt mean to be so long.

Midwest Dave
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Another thing to consider is that on TM it would be very easy to put a barricade between the wardrobe and the bathroom wall and make the back bed into a giant playpen. When we take our grandkids along, they sleep in the back bed to prevent them from rolling out of bed. We put them with their heads to the street side and the bathroom wall acts as a bed rail. Speaking of bed rails, that would be a pretty good barricade across the opening.
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i've had my old TM26 one season used it about nine times, longest was for 5 days and loved it. I have 2yr son and 8yr daughter and have found the TM to be great! the daughter always has a friend or two in the front bed and the son gets the couch. I have also camped with only the son and used a folding bed rail from walmart. made of PVC and mesh that keeps him in at night just fine, then stores behind the back of the couch. I agree with Texas Camper. Planning is everything. the right toys, coloring books, games and a portable dvd player make the world of difference. in any camper, even our old pop up that we had first. (wouldnt do a PU again, wife likes comfort)
Don't forget that the point of camping is to see new places and visit/make freinds....all which you don't do much of inside your camper. here in the ohio area we only had bad weather once out of the nine times, that was severe enough to keep us inside for more than a snack break or quick nap which isn't bad either.
good luck and happy camping
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