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Old 08-31-2006, 07:54 PM   #1
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Default Fixing New To You Trailmanors

I am thinking about buying a used Trailmanor. I know that used anything needs fixing after a purchase. If you bought used, I am curious about what year trailer you purchased and your experience in fixing it. If you don't mind sharing the cost of repairs and expertise needed, it would give me some guidance as to what to expect or if it might be better to wait and buy new.
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I bought my TM a year ago. It is a 1996 2518. I took it to a dealership for a going over. They adjusted the torsion bars and replaced one of the vinyl seals and some foam that had rotted in the wall from that failed seal. The grand total was to be $1100 or so, however due to some questionable service personell issues and some problems you don't want to hear about, they charged me under $700. We use our trailer 10 or 12 times a year. Anything that has come up since has been handled by my husband or myself thanks to this forum. Unfortunately, I wasn't prepared when I bought my trailer so I over paid for it. I am much better prepared should I ever have the opportunity to purchase another one. And yes, in spite of the common problems that you will read about on this forum, if I could, I'd get another TM and I would buy used. I have not found another TT that tows like the TM. The towability factor is huge for us. And the floor plan works well for 2 humans a 3 dogs. (but a larger one would be even better) The new ones are over priced for my budget, however, after seeing the 2007 changes, I guess I'll have to hold on to my little 1996 for another 10 yrs and buy a used 2007!
I tow with a Chevy Astro and average 18 mpg.
I could never have read all that I would have needed to know before purchasing used the first time. I didn't know where to start, but the info is here and people just love to answer our questions on this forum so if you see something you like and have questions about it, ask away.
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Old 08-31-2006, 10:10 PM   #3
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I bought a 2001 model just over a year ago. In that year, I've replaced the tires (after a blow out but they were the original tires, 5 years old) ~$150, fixed the side brace by the door (DIY repair) ~$10, changed a bulb ~$3 and I'm just now fixing the Thetford toilet valve, ~$20, and that's all for repairs. I've spent the most on DIY customization and upgrades: new carpet, new floor tile, new cabinet handles, new towel rings and rails, reupholstered the sofa in leather, new undercabinet lamps at the front, additional outlets, upgraded the converter and added a home theatre system, done the round wheelwell mod, shower curtain mod, etc..and had a lot of fun doing all that.

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Old 09-01-2006, 09:05 AM   #4
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We bought a 1997 model almost exactly 3 years ago. We've had to fix the Winegard TV receptacle (the on/off switch stopped working, $20) and the rear bed slat slides and the corner molding along the bathroom wall ($30). I also broke the TV antenna crank gear so had to fix that ($10). The rear bed slats were time consuming and required many small steps over a one-week period, but we camped in it for almost 3 years with them the way they were. Also had to replace one of the water drain valves ($5). When we had a blowout we had to patch up a small hole behind the wheel well ($5).

We had to buy new 3 new tires ($200?) and did the wheel-well modification ($45?). We also changed out the battery to 2 6-V Trojans with a special battery box to fit ($175?). I can't remember exactly what all these things cost, but they weren't that much.

The other things we've done/bought were to customize the TM to our needs. We bought a cover, put shelves in the closet, made shelves for over the sink, changed the bathroom curtain, bought a blue tote, etc. I think we're pretty much done with it now!

There is a lot of information on "how-to" fix things here on the forum, and the factory is also very helpful.
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Old 09-01-2006, 10:02 AM   #5
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In my original post, I forgot to mention tires. I think it's fairly common for a seller to tell you the tires are like new and they may look to be just that, however I'd be real careful to be sure of the age and condition as looks can be deceiving if they have been sitting out in the elements for a long period as is likely the case if it's being sold by someone who hasn't been using their TM. Id replace even the spare.
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Old 09-01-2006, 01:00 PM   #6
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We bought a 1993 3326 18 months ago...........
Theres been no labor charge, my husbands done everything so far.
His level of expertise? Somewhere around an 8.5 to 9 on the handyman scale.
Tires right away (65.00 X 5)
Repacked bearings a couple of times, this might fall under maintanance (2 axles, 40.00?)
Toliet repair, some time, little cost
Bathroom sink faucet replaced (40.00?)
Rebuilt wood housing around power vent (very little $, some time)
A little part for the awning, 8.00
Silicone for caulking seams, this might be maintanence as well
To do: Replace all hold down brackets. (hardware 140.00 I think)
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Old 09-01-2006, 02:33 PM   #7
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I purchased a '02 2720SL about a year ago. Two areas I would look at;
1. With the TM opened, get out a ladder and check the rooftop aft. Dirt tends to get under the weather seal when the trailer is towed and dirt gradually scrubs away the paint. The newer TM's have a protective seal, the older ones can be fixed pretty easily with some special high density tape.
2. Look closely at the wire bundle on the utility left side. I spent a lot of time running down what I thought was a bad TV antenna only to find that the antenna wire was grounding out. I also discovered quite a bit of wear on some of the 12vdc wires which I repaired with electrical tape and then clad with standard plastic automotive abrasion sleeves.

Basically, I am very happy with my TM. It requires a little TLC but that is part of the fun IMHO. Good luck.

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Old 09-01-2006, 04:20 PM   #8
Leslie & Nick
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The only problem we had with our used 2619 was the tailight/stoplight sockets. The lights gave us problems almost immediately. The previous owner stored the TM outdoors in a humid climate, which no doubt contributed to corrosion of the light sockets. A little sandpaper on the contact points remedied this problem. We have stored the TM in the garage since, and have not had a problem with lights since. If you can do it, keeping the TM out of the weather is "good thing" (as Martha S would have said)

Also replaced the vinyl and carpeting with laminate flooring but that was a modification of my choice, rather than a problem with the TM. We've been pretty lucky so far, but I think I'll get two new tires before my luck wears thin!
2002 TM 2619
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We purchased our 2003 2720 SL used in February of 2004 from a private party in Wilmington, NC. The only problem we had was with the Winguard power antenna. When connected to the television, the reception would all but disappear when the power button was turned on. Chasing the problem revealed a ground fault somewhere between the connector in the area behind the refrigerator and the antenna. I was resolved to pulling a new cable but decided to call MCD (dealer) in Hyannis. Dana quickly figured out the problem was probably in the connector at the base of hand crank for the antenna. He was right on. I removed the antenna crank cover (inside the trailer) and was able to retrieve the connector. The center (hot) wire had all of its insulation removed. In place of the insulation was a glob of silicone. Over time the silicone had pulled away allowing the center wire to ground out. I attached a new connector leaving the proper amount of insulation on the hot wire and that solved the problem. The power antenna works great! No other problems have cropped up in our travels . . . other than normal maintenance.

Installed a 2" (bolt on) receiver to the back bumper of the TM . . . don't recall the cost of the receiver -picked it up at MCD.
Dick & Jeri in Western MA
2003 2720 SL
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