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Old 07-02-2006, 08:46 AM   #1
Bob Jenkins
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Default 3124KB vs 3124KS vs 3326 King

We have pretty much narrowed our choice down to these two models for the following reasons:

1. We are both large people so we need the King-Size bed for us.
2. We need to be able to take our teen daughter and her boyfriend with us (in separate beds). Of course, we could always put him in a small tent outside!

We have studied the floorplans and we have actually been inside a 3124KS. We also saw a 3023 with the front layout similar to the 3124KB. We are leaning toward the 3124KB but I really like the extra space up front in the 3124 KS.

We love the 3326 King but we are not sure about the sleeping arrangements. Does the Dinette make into a small bed? Our dealer is also concerned about us towing a 3326 King with a GMC Yukon (NOT XL)

Can anyone please add any further insight on these models? Any information, opinions, etc. will be GREATLY appreciated!
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Old 07-02-2006, 01:20 PM   #2
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We had the same models to decide on, for a few different reasons. Probably the only thing I have against TrailManors is that we were never able to see all the models side by side; or anything larger than the 3023, for that matter. Dealers never seemed to have the larger models in stock. That seems to be because the larger ones aren't normally ordered on spec; only on order, at least in our part of the country.

After agonizing for several weeks, we decided on the 3124KB for the following reasons: 1) the second (48 X 78) bed is larger than the sofa (41 X 69) bed. The double bed area is very handy for extra guests, a place to keep baggage, packs, cameras, etc. accessible and a sleeping/resting area for our two dogs. Storage gets to be a large issue for us, plus we still have a third bed in the sofa if needed, though I'd hate to imagine six people in any TM for very long, 2) the eating area seemed to be more amenable to serving four folks at once than the KS. (This was a supposition from brochure photos and dealer comments; may not be accurate, so I would ask the KS owners about this.) and 3) the sliding mechanism adds some weight and necessitates a different LP tank arrangement that seems to be a little less handy for filling, etc. OTOH, the KS has more kitchen counter working space and the "living room" atmosphere must be wonderful. I'm sure KS owners love both of these features.

This all said, we occasionally wish we had gone with the 3326 for the dinette. If they had built one with the extra double bed rather than the sofa/chair, we might have bought it. Two axles might have some advantage also (in case of a flat tire, for instance).

They're all great and I'm sure you'll love whatever you end up with. Just be sure you know what features/compromises fit your particular needs before deciding. This forum addresses just about all I can think of.

Jon and Rita
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Old 07-02-2006, 01:38 PM   #3
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Bob -

The GMC Yukon is the same as the Chevy Tahoe, right? If I am right, I think it is what I call a mid-size SUV - bigger than a Chevy Trailblazer or a Ford Explorer, same as a Ford Expedition, smaller than a Chevy Suburban or Ford Excursion. I wouldn't think that vehicle would have a problem with any TM, unless there is something I am missing. I certainly wouldn't advise ignoring the dealer - but is your dealer worried about something specific?

What year is your Yukon?
What engine, tranny?
What is the rear end ratio?
Does it have a factory towing package?
What is the towing rating for the vehicle?
I think there are 3 classes ("trim levels") within each model - something like LS, LT, XLT. Which do you have?
And of course, as I ask everyone, WHERE DO YOU PLAN TO TOW?

2WD vs 4WD doesn't matter in most cases.

There are better people than I to comment on this question. We might want to move the discussion to the Towing Rigs question.

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Old 07-02-2006, 02:53 PM   #4
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I'm not sure of the weight on that king, but I bet my S10 blazer would give it a go. The Yukons/tahoes have probably an 8000# pull weight, 7-800# tongue weight along with a V8 under the hood. A good receiver along with a WDH and you should be good to go. Those SUV's are basically a full size enclosed truck. Just make sure you have the above along with a good brake controller and a tranny cooler is a must, biggest one you can mount behind the grill.
Good luck and happy camping!
Bill, they aren't mid size, they are full size. The XL is just the new name for the old suburban. The S10 blazers are considered mid size and they still have a towing rating of 500/5000#'s =/- a few hundred.
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Old 07-02-2006, 02:59 PM   #5
Bob Jenkins
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I agree that the Yukon should be able to do the job, especially with a transmission cooler and a Weight-Distributing Hitch. I think my dealer was just being conservative since he has already offered to order any TM he doesn't have on the lot.

My biggest concern though is with the arrangement at the front of the 3326 King and the 3124KS. We basically need a King-Size bed and two other beds.
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Old 07-02-2006, 08:28 PM   #6
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Used to pull our 2619 with a Yukon and you could not really tell the trailer was there. I'd be amazed if it couldn't tow any TM.
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Old 07-03-2006, 08:01 AM   #7
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We just recently bought the 3124 KS model and we love it! Your Yukon should tow something like it just fine (we tow with a Ford Expedition) and have no real issues. I just leave overdrive off in the hilly country and go.

However, the KS may not fit your needs as it may not have enough sleeping capacity for your plans. There is a king size bed on one end and the sofa that makes into a double (I think) bed - that's it. We love the front sofa slide but that's all we need - our kids are grown and don't go with us anymore, except to visit when we are camping locally. We can seat 4 to eat as one of the flip-up tables at the sofa ends has an extension that can be inserted.

The funny thing is that when we went to the dealer to look, we went to look at the 2720SL - wife took one look at the 3124KS and asked if our vehicle would tow that one. I looked at the weight sticker (GVWR) and it's well within the weight limits of our Expedition, so that's what we bought.

Hope this helps,
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Old 07-03-2006, 03:38 PM   #8
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We are trying to make the same decision. Here are some things we are putting into consideration. How much privacy does the couch bed give someone that sleeps later or wants to go to bed earlier? If you keep the trailer long enough to have grand children, what would be best? Do you think you will spend a lot of time in the trailer and need extra floor space because of climate or bugs? How much fancy cooking will you do? We are leaning more toward the KB because we think it is more versatile for us, but we are learning a lot from the posts.
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Old 07-03-2006, 03:47 PM   #9
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Default No vote on 3326

We have a 3326 and absolutely love it. That being said, we have only ourselves and sometimes our teenage son to house. He is 15 and over 6' and has a very hard time fitting on the sofa-bed. It is very narrow. The dinette is a bed in theory only. It is even more narrow than the sofa-bed, and way short for an actual human being to sleep on. Maybe a young child could use it, but not a teen. Also, the cushions don't fit to cover the dinette for some strange reason. After you place the seat cushions there is not enough room left for both back cushions to fit. If you use only one back cushion, there is a gap left unpadded. Our son often asks to just sleep on the floor, where he can sprawl as needed. He uses a Travasack, so it's no trouble. Depending on how old your children are (and how tall) and how long you intend to keep your TM you might think about the floor option for one of them.
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Old 07-03-2006, 05:27 PM   #10
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Regarding privacy, we divided our 2720Sd by attaching a curtain track across the ceiling. Two rooms are separated beginning at the front corner of the refer. We also included about 16" of mesh at the top of a floor length curtain to allow air from the aconditioner to reach the front "room".

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