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Default First view and impressions of a TrailManor

My wife, Bonnie and I, taking our life in our hands, ventured into the dangerous jungle of Los Angeles freeways to successfully traverse the 133 miles to Anaheim, California to visit the 2nd largest volumn TM dealer in the U.S., Custom RV -, Phone: 714-630-8410 - to meet Matt and Steve, owners/operators, and to be introduced in person to several new and one used TrailManor (TM) trailers.

Matt and Steve, old time friends, opened this business together. They seem the perfect match for such a business. Matt was our guide. Steve is the mechanic-engineer-problem-solver. He puts on hitches, wires for the electronic brake, does the complete set up for new customers in about three hours. Steve is so talented and capable, the main factory often calls him to discuss problems and modification suggestions.

We much appreciated the lack of any sales pressure by Matt. He was most personable, has a good sense of humor, and patiently answered all our questions thoroughly and clearly.

We were positively impressed with our whole experience and our introduction to hands-on inspection of the TM trailers. The evidence of impressive engineering stood out for both Bonnie and me. Matt allowed us both to
set up the bathroom, the closet cupboard and to open up the rear section of the TM by ourselves; doing it several times to get a real feel for the experience.

I have noted on this forum that for some individuals the initial required task of opening up the TM has been quite challenging. I knew the acid test would be when Bonnie tried to do it all by herself. I'm 5' 10" and around 220 pounds. I'm no spring chicken but am quite husky. My wife, however is 5' 2" with eyes of blue, just like the old ballad, and while tough in character and spirit, is not what I would call physically strong. I'm the jar opener in our home. Behind Bonnie was a curb section to stop vehicles wheels. I was concerned that she might trip over it when she backed up. Directly behind her was also a tree, preventing her from stepping back without caution. This
worked to her disadvantage. However, although she stopped on her initial
pull, to check her footing, she was able to get it up. Matt pointed out that
once she expended the initial - and virtually only - muscle exertion in pulling the top section out and away from the lower box (body) section; she should
not stop. She did this on the second and third pulls and found that she was quite capable of doing it all by herself.

The torshion bar system reminded me of a gyroscope in feel. For once you pull the section out about a foot, the torshion bars push it the rest of the way up. At that point it IS as simple and easy as opening up a car trunk lid.
This takes about 2 1/2 seconds to accomplish.

Bonnie was so impressed that she could do it, that she remarked she did not feel anyone should have any difficulty setting up a TM all by themselves. Although I did not attempt it, I watched Matt do it, and I feel confident that I could pull it up with one hand.

Nothing we saw gave the impression of looking or being cheap or of cheap construction. I looked beneath the cupboards at the actual wood frame construction behind the cupboards to varify how neatly the work was done.
As a very critical wood worker, I am used to checking joints, screw holes, etc. I found everything to be of impressive quality work and quality control

Did we buy one Saturday? No. And not being able to read the future, I do not know if it holds a TrailManor for us to enjoy in our future years of retirement; but we both felt that if and when that times arrives, we won't waste any time looking elsewhere, but will head to Custom RV and secure a TrailManor to enjoy in our future dreamed of travels.

At one point Matt handed us about a 10 inch square section of cabinet material from a HiLo trailer and the same size from a TM. Bonnie's left hand sank toward her lap when she took hold of the HiLo cabinet piece, because it was so heavy. By comparison the polystyrene foam, sandwiched between aluminum sheeting, cabinet piece from the TM was very light. It did not take a Ph.D. to figure out why the HiLo trailers are so MUCH heavier than the TM.
This one section of cupboard material was VERY HEAVY!

Matt encouraged us several times to find a HiLo trailer to see ourselves and to simply make a comparison. He encourages all his potential customers to do just that at his trade shows. A vast majority of people who follow his suggestion, come back and buy a TrailManor.

People travel from Nevada and Arizona all the way to Anaheim, CA to buy TrailManors. We look forward to someday, hopefully, becoming happy owners of our own TrailManor. To see 'em is to fall in love with 'em !

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