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Default Prospective Owners

We are former users of conventional travel trailers, having just sold a late model Trail-Bay 27DS. We only recently learned about Trail Manor and are quite intrigued but do not know anyone who has one or one who has switched from regular to TM.

Can anyone give us some comments on the switch and how it went?

We are particularly interested in the probable capability of pulling at freeway speeds which is not feasible with a conventional trailer weighing 5000#'s or more.

We are wondering what the significant compromises may be when making the switch.

One particular factor we are curious about is the recirculating toilet system. How does that work in terms of number of days usable before dumping ?

Thanks for any helpful guidance any current owners may be able to give us!
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Default Re:Prospective Owners


There are obvious tradeoffs, and you have hit two of the big ones sqarely.

My suggestion is that you take a look at your typical camping patterns. If you find that you are traveling more than you're staying in one spot, and will continue to do so, the scales may tip to the TM for the obvious reasons. If you go somewhere and stay a long time, the creature comforts of the conventional rig may be compelling. The TM isn't uncomfortable by any stretch, and I don't see many conventional units with a king-size bed unless they have a slide-out.

With the conventional rig, we knew our top-end was about 55 mph (and 5.5 GPH) and that every windy day and tight turn through a fast-food joint was going to be interesting. We knew there were some places in the mountains (where we like to go to escape the Texas summers) that we probably couldn't (or wouldn't) want to go. But once we were set up, especially with the slide-outs and built-in goodies, it was a comfortable place to live.

With the fold-downs, we know we can go almost anywhere, and can run as fast as we want. My tach on the 1/2 ton suburban shows exactly the same RPM at 70 mph with or without the TM in tow. 80-85 MPH speeds on the interstate aren't hard to maintain, with no apparent effort. The windy days and the big rigs are no sweat. I have to watch the curbs in the drive-through lanes at Wendy's but usually make it easily.

The TM's aren't as roomy, but our 3124KS is plenty big enough for DW and me and all our stuff. I'd like a bigger/fancier terlit, but that isn't going to happen. Since we don't normally stay anywhere for a long time, and since we are normally hooked up anyway, the capacity issues haven't been an issue for us.

Everybody has their own little soapbox speeches, and mine is that I just don't like to have to keep my camper somewhere other than my house, and sure don't like to pay for the privilege. The TM will go under the carport, and is always where I can do things that I want to do, or make a spare bedroom for grandkids in about 10 minutes (counting the time to hook up and pull it out.)

We have also owned several pop-ups, and the TM goes up and down so much easier and slicker than any of the tent-types that it's not even a contest. The animated segment on the TM website showing the woman doing it with one hand is not an exaggeration.

I don't know if you will like the TM better, but am pretty sure that if you try one and don't like it you will find the resale value to be better than anything else you have owned.
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Default Re:Prospective Owners


We were previous owners of 2 popups and now we have a 1997 3326. We recently went to a RV show and looked around and couldn't believe how big of a travel trailer you had to buy to get what you get in a trailmanor. The bathrooms in the trailmanor have more access(toilet room) then some of the models we looked at. Some of those campers you had to back into. The only plus we seen in the regular travel trailer is the refrigerator/freezer size.

We pull our 3326 with a ford explorer or a chevy silverado. With either truck you can't tell it is back there. We do use the WD hitch with the explorer. We travel regular interstate speeds while towing.

We love our trailmanor and don't plan on switching for along time. . The people on this forum can help you solve any problem and if they can't you can call the factory and get help.Hope you decide to Join our trailmanor family. This is a great forum to belong too

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Old 01-21-2004, 09:17 AM   #4
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Default Re:Prospective Owners

I agree with everyone else. We pull with a Nissan Pathfinder and the rpms are the same with or without the trailer. You don't know you are pulling it and it is fun driving. Drive throughs are a breeze, setup is simple and fast, and the savings on gas and tow vehicle are incredible.

We have the 3326 and it is just as roomy if not more than many trailers I saw this last weekend at the RV show in Mercedes, TX. I can't wait to retire and buy a brand new 3326 with custom options.

The toilet for us in not an issue as we mainly use it at night so it will last a long way. If you are in a full hookup park, you already have your hose in place so you just dump and recharge. Very easy.

We also hang framed pictures and other things on the walls using velcro. Looks and feels very home. Full timing in a larger TM is a real possibility. Lots of storage space.

Good luck with your decision.
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Default Re:Prospective Owners

Hi, my two cents...

i think you will miss getting to storage.. the TM has storage but it is not accessible when closed.

also.. if you camp in snow.. the TM is tough.. only because you have to shovel all snow off roof before closing... we found out the hard way!

on the good sides.. very easy to pull.. easy to set up and close.. we love our TM.. any trailer will have some pros and cons.. but for us the pros surpass the cons...

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