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Default Differences in Older and Newer Models ??

Please help me understand the differences between older Trailmanors and newer ones. I read a few posts, and it sounded like there were differences in design, lift systems, etc...? We are considering a 2005 2619 model but are new to this and don't want to make a decision we regret. Any help or insight would be appreciated.

I'll be honest and say we are somewhat reluctant to buy one since we know what they say about the two days you own a travel trailer or boat. We are weighing that against pros and cons of tent camping or just renting a cabin or small house for extended vacations to the beach, Universal/Disney type trips, or to the beach. We see the possibility of great family time and being able to camp in pretty much all weather.

At a max, the trailer would be used by my wife and kids aged 13, 10, and 10. Do you think a 2619 that we'd really regret buying a 2619 that sleeps six for our family of five?

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I'm not aware of any major design changes in the TM for decades. The lift system is essentially the same since the original model. Torsion bars under the chassis that lift the roofs. What you may be reading is whether there is wood or not used in the construction. Older units were built with some wood as support runners in the roofs. When a older unit had water intrusion, wood rot became an issue. That is no longer an issue. Although water still can be an issue as any RV owner will attest.

I've owned 2 TM's over the years, and other RV's and I'm not sure what " they say about the two days you own a TT or boat" What do they say? Buyers remorse?

The layout of the smaller units is queen bed in the rear area for 2 sleepers. Front bed is dbl and can accommodate 2 sleepers. Sofa is a sleeper unit for one possibly two small children.

I know some families that would put all 3 kids in the larger rear bed and use the front for the parents. One of the issues when the sofa bed is used is its difficult for the upper bed occupants to get out of that area.

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I've always heard that the two happiest days you won an RV or boat are the day you buy it and the day you sell it. Just want to make a wise decision here.

Thanks for the reply and info.
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Originally Posted by TxBryant View Post
I've always heard that the two happiest days you won an RV or boat are the day you buy it and the day you sell it. Just want to make a wise decision here.

Thanks for the reply and info.
Oh, makes sense. Many of those owners probably bought as an impulse. Your doing due diligence by asking probing questions, doing research and getting advice from current owners. The vehicle is not for everyone. For me, it gives me the flexibility to tow without wind resistance, sway bars, saves fuel, saves space. I can get desirable camp sites as a pop up unit in campgrounds that offer different levels of RV sites. I store my unit off site and feel secure knowing its collapsed and possibly more secure than a conventional RV due to no accessible door to gain entry.

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Brittany Dogs
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I would go to the RV Show about every year, sometimes skipping a year. My first camper was a Coleman Grandview SP and thought it was a great camper. No regrets since it was the perfect unit for us. But I would see many manufacturers, including Coleman, getting "cheaper made" as years went on. The price would go up and the quality would go down.

In my opinion, TrailManor units got better and better every year with "lessons learned" and they would address, for the most part, any shortcoming owners would find. TrailManor would also have to change things as RV codes would change but that is true about all of the manufacturers.

By in large, the units have not changed in shape nor would they move things around (like where the sink is, or the bathroom). I have a 2011 year unit and have not had a second of buyer's remorse. Secondly, the units cost more due to the fold-down feature and lightness of the unit but these units have a higher re-sale value than other manufacturers. So the cost of ownership is either the same or lower cost at the end of the day.

With a family of five, I would however consider a larger unit. Just my opinion.
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The 2619 has two full sized beds at each end and a dinette that turns into a bed. The reason we bought the 2720 was because it had a queen bed in the back.
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Never had one second's worth of buyer's remorse, either.

I only have 2 kids, we have an SL model, and I found bunk beds to be the solution for them. For you, as long as 2 kids are willing to sleep together you'd probably be ok in a 2619 model, but someone who has done this can probably give you better advice. Only plan on one child sleeping on the sofa/dinette bed, and two could probably use the permanent front bed.

We find the TM gives us far more flexibility in taking family vacations, gives us more spontaneity, allows us to take the dog (the most important part!). For us, it's exactly what we need, but obviously every one is different.
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From what I have gathered here is that TM never made bad trailer but there have been a number of changes over the years. I think the big one was when they went from using wood to aluminum in the construction. I am not sure when this happened but I think it was many years ago. Someone may be able to provide the date of this change. I believe they upgraded the convert they use in 2006.

There are advantages and disadvantages of owning a TM that are well documented here. We loved to car camp; TM is better. It is nice to have a shower, a place to get out of the weather, or just be indoors and relax. We liked to travel and visit national parks. We hated some accommodations and eating out all this time. For us there has never been a minute of buyer's remorse.
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First, it is important to understand that changes did not always occur on model-year boundaries, as they tend to do with cars. Many of them occur during a model year. And they do not always occur on all models at the same time. So in 2002, for instance, some TMs had the air conditioner on the front roof, and some had it on the rear roof. And within that, some 2720SLs had it one way, and some 2720SLs had it the other. And some still had the air conditioner in a kitchen cabinet.

So you can't say that Feature X appeared in the 2002 models, but was not in the 2001 models. However, once a change was made, it tended to crystallize very quickly.

My first TM was a 2002 2720SL. I seem to recall that 2001-2002 was a time of many changes, some minor and some more major. By 2004, things had settled down, and since then, changes have been more incremental. I think of the following changes that occured more or less in that time frame.
  • Rounded wheel wells introduced
  • Spare tire moved from rear bumper to the underneath location
  • Air conditioner placement
  • Wood framing in the shells replaced with aluminum
  • Horizontal propane tanks introduced on the slideout models
  • Front cubbyhole removed from the slideout models.
Of course there were others, and I'm sure that some owners will suggest different dates for these.

Just my memory ... others will chime in.

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Just a random comment...

There are certain things I like about the older model...the cubby hole for the propane lose a little storage under the sofa but the tanks are upright instead of on their side. It is not as fast to go under the sofa for a blanket etc as I get older. The sofa is heavier

I also like the looks of the tire on the back with the cover.

Some changes I have seen over the years:

Option of all linoleum instead of carpet to upkeep.

Untinted windows to dark tinted today.

The newest Trailmanors that I saw got rid of the door knob and now have the usual black recessed door hand and lock like all the other travel trailers have.

Regular television camper antenna to the new style antenna

My 2007 has the batteries in the back and the propane tank horizonal...the newest one for my model the 3124 ks has the battery on the tongue and the tanks upright again without the cubby. and the windows are really tinted dark. The dark tint will keep the curtains from fading.
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2007 Trailmanor 3124KS...still got it.
Robin 1,000 Lb Weight Distributing Hitch ...still got it.

We replaced the tires on the TM July 2017 I will update when I have time to get the specs

What's new...we went to all LED lighting and love them.

New 3/25/16 two new horizontal propane tanks.
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