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Default Some security concerns

Hi all,

I've tried searching for this topic on the boards and I did see one thread on it, but I still have questions. After a few years of weeding through various RV options - class C's, fifth wheels, TT's, I am looking to buy a TM - there are so many things I like about them. My biggest obstacle has to do with security. Some days I will be alone in the rig and I'm a little concerned about how safe a solo woman can feel. It's not like I think the whole world is out to get me, but I do like to feel that, when I lock my door at night, it's really locked.

Can anyone share some info on the mods that I saw mentioned for increasing the hold on the door? Are there other mods worth making? Do people feel that these mods are silly and unnecessary?

Just don't want to have this particular worry....

Thank you, Lisa
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Old 06-18-2012, 11:32 AM   #2
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Hi Lisa,

This topic has come up a few times that I have seen the last couple of years that I have been here. You might check the links I found below and a search for "security." Most people seem feel that they are as safe in a TM as any trailer.

For my part I am not greatly concerned about someone breaking in but I am prepared if someone tries. I would suggest that anyone out camping in anything have at least a can of bear spray. It works on two legged critters as well as four.

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Personally my family especially my wife has felt safer in a campground with our TM than we did in 4 star hotels. Now we are very picky about what campgrounds we stay at though.

Me being the pessimist security type I had the hardest time with leaving items outside the TM but have since relaxed a little learning most campers stay in their on camp areas.

If I wanted to secure the door better I would add a latch to both halves of the door that has to be operated from inside though.

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Wasp spray is a great self-defense tool. Totally legal, sprays a great distance with very good accuracy, and will incapacitate an attacker as well as, or better than pepper spray or the like.

As said above, with no canvas, I think a locked TM is as secure as any trailer, outside of one of those huge class A motorhomes.
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Our adult children sleep outside at night in tents. Deer, racoons, etc. routinely walk through camp. So far, I have never seen any indication of a bear walking through camp.

We are gone most of the day, so our camp is vacant.

We are usually in a forest service campground or on flat spot in the woods, with very few people around.

We never stay in RV parks. To me, these are the most dangerous. They are frequently near major roads, so anyone that drives by is a potential thread. Where we camp, no one drives by accidentally. If they are near us, they are there for the same reason.

I suggest you avoid populated places, but I am probably the only one that will offer that recommendation.

As for at home, we live in the city limits of San Jose. Our son has seen mountain lions on 10 different occasions within 6 miles of our house. I have seen a bobcat once in y backyard. These critters do not concern me.
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We made the mistake of locking both sets of keys in the TM at a Wisconsin state park. We tried for an hour to break in without doing major damage such as breaking out a window. Defeated we drove to Cassville where the closest thing to a locksmith or hardware store was a furnace shop. They couldn't help but introduced us to a shade tree mechanic who maintained the county's patrol cars and who followed us up to the park and tried to gain access through the door flap without success. He then decided to drill out the head of the bolt through the nylon flap that joins the door halves together but couldn't keep the drill centered on the curved bolt head.

About this time he was feeling quite challenged and drove back to town for a pneumatic grinder with a cut off wheel and planned to grind off the head of the bolt. Fortunately as he made his second pass across the bolt head I realized that he had created a perfect slot for a screwdriver and was able to turn the bolt to release the top of the door. Total time elapsed was about 2 1/2 hours during which we made enough noise to wake the dead. Do I feel secure in my '05 2619? Oh yeah! - camp2canoe
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Interesting.... I had a completely different experience. I was able to split the striker plate side of the door frame from the striker on the door knob. Used a flat head screw driver. Did not take much effort to get access. The door frame I'm referring to is the left side double hinge section that is pinned. Force that farther left away from the door and create a gap.

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I believe that all TMs are keyed the same. So if you lose your keys just find another TM and borrow theirs.

We had a locked key in the truck once. I don't want that to ever happen again.

I have two grand-daddy sets of keys. It has a key for:

both trucks
both ATVs
both motorcycles
TM door and rear storage door
numerous padlocks.

As long as I can get into one truck then all is well.

After my previous post, I started wondering what the OP is really asking.

Safety from gangs and bad people.
safety from thieves.
safety from large animals.
safety from natural disasters (hurricane, flood, etc.)

These all require different actions to address the particular situation.
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I find that the campground people tend to have much the same interest as each other . We have never had problems(aside of some late night noise) and we tend to leave our camper for days at a time. It's never a done deal. But I feel pretty safe with campers as opposed to nightclubs in a large city
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We had a 30 RLS Keystone Outback before the TM. We went out to dinner and my husband dropped his key to the camper on the way to the truck but did not know this until we got back. We pondered the situation...mine were on a hook inside the camper. I turner the latch on the cargo area at the front of the camper...climbed in and lifted the queen size bed up and walked to the front door and opened it. (the bed was on those shock things).

I once saw photos on the net of where a bear entered an Outback travel trailer and tore the insides of it to smithereens.

There is also the situation that keys to campers are universal and fit all campers.

My brother in law has a mobile home and he bought something a Home Depot to cover the locks on the exterior I saw it once a few weeks ago and he said there had been break ins in the area and it prevented people from jimmying the lock. I do not remember what it was called. I have no idea if this would benefit a TM or not.

I keep wanting to but forgetting to put a deadbolt on the top section of the door. I have seen threads here where people have don that. Then I don't think you have to worry about the little turn tab holding the top part of the door in place.
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