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Scottie Dogs
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Default General Information For TM friends

Hi all,

On the home show on the radio here they did a big segment last Saturday morning when people go on vacation/camping and the people's house gets robbed or the house burns down, or a tornado destroys it..

My project today was take 42 PICTURES inside of our home every room closets with clothes everything that has value. I put them on a USB flash drive and will go to the bank this week and put in our safety deposit box. I have done this before but we made lots of changes to our home in the last 5 years, lots of remodeling/things bought, done this just an update on this stuff. You can also give pictures to your family just so they are out of your house, I have done that before too. Be safe...

This is something people donít think about when they travel. The insurance will LOVE you when you are NOT second guessing on all your possessions. I did the inside of my garage with all my camping things and tools, power saws and things like that.

I know us TM people like to take off for weeks at a time so I just wanted to pass this along.

Little things like this can make a big difference, hope it never happens to my TM friends.

Think ahead it never hurts.

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Old 09-06-2011, 09:35 AM   #2
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Good post. It is additional work, but taking pictures of the model/serial plate on electronics and appliances will help both with insurance claims and in the event someone steals them.

Another option is to use video and describe the information on each item as you video the items.

I also am a fan of online backup services for your computer(s). I had a backup hard drive and tried to keep up without success. Then you have to store the backup drive somewhere. With the online system the computers are keeping up in real time.
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Old 09-06-2011, 01:57 PM   #3
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We rode Katrina out at home, and then stayed for a week before going to Houston for 2 more weeks.
A couple of lessons learned from Katrina...

1)Take pictures/video of everything, indoors and outside.
It turned out that we didn't need this for insurance purposes, but trees were gone after and it was nice to have "before" pictures.
My boss had 6ft of water in her house for 2 weeks. Everything they could salvaged afterwards fit in the trunk of a car.
Some people's houses just weren't there anymore...only the front steps remained.

2)Have at least one corded phone, and use "Ma Bell".
Cordless phones require electricity, and cels become pretty useless due to damaged towers. My neighbor had corded, but used the local cable company for her service...which she lost the day before the storm hit. We had the only working phone in the neighborhood the entire time.

3)Have a good old fashion paper address book with everyones phone number and address in it.
I had a "state of the art" electronic contact server where all our computers could share (read and write) to a huge contact list of phone numbers, addresses, etc. It was great....until there was no electricity. Your cels contact list also become useless when you can no longer charge the phone.

4)Have portable backups of priceless computer items (digital pictures, video tapes, etc). Online backups are great for most people, but are way to small and slow for large backups. They should also never be your ONLY means of backup. (Computer backups are an entire separate subject so I won't go into too much detail here.)
I never had a need for a laptop prior to Katrina, but we now have two.

5) Don't worry about anything that can be replaced. It's all just stuff. Protect precious pictures, collectibles, family treasures, etc.
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Old 09-06-2011, 03:55 PM   #4
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Or one could just "downsize" give everything to your kids or charity and hit the road- not that I'm ready, but sure would feel liberating....
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Old 09-07-2011, 02:48 PM   #5
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Originally Posted by moaboy View Post
Or one could just "downsize" give everything to your kids or charity and hit the road- not that I'm ready, but sure would feel liberating....
I know what you mean!
I've often joked with my wife telling her I am probably a reincarnated prairie roaming cowboy, since I'm the happiest when alone in the woods hiking with nothing but a camera ("digital hunting" as I call it).
I like to think I died in my previous life fighting a bear "hand to hand", but DW says I probably tripped on a root and fell off a cliff. (She's the realist in the family.)
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