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Default What kind of issues could we anticipate with a 2004 2720SD

So thanks, everyone, for your earlier help with the weight of a 2720SD. It looks like our Highlander can handle one. We just did a tent camping weekend and it only reaffirmed my desire for a trailer.

There is a good deal on a 2004 model about 4 hours from us, but I'm having a "discussion" with my husband on buying used vs. new. We tend to buy new vehicles because of the warranty and the fact that we keep them for about 15-20 years.

He's trying to apply that reasoning to a TM purchase, but I'm not impressed with what I could find on the TM limited warranty. I feel it doesn't justify the cost of a new model at around $30,000, at a dealer that is 14 hours away.

I've done a search and it looks like many things can be fixed with the help of the brain trust on this forum, and one post said something like they've had to put $2,000 into it in a 10-year period.

Any thoughts that could sway the argument my way?
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The main thing to consider is the condition of the frame and shell. These are unique to TM and expensive to replace. Pretty much everything else is generic to most RVs. Probably the two most expensive items after the shell and frame are the AC and Fridge. Both less than $1000 items. If the frame and shell are in good shape and the price is right, you should be OK. You should probably count on replacement tires and battery as a given. Don't go by the look of the tires, Nobody ever wears out trailer tires they fail due to age 2-4 yrs.
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If you are sure that you will keep the TM for 15-20 years, then buy new. I have bought both new and used. The only warranty that lasts for any length of time is the limited (first owner) warranty on the lift mechanism. All other warranties are from equipment manufacturers and only run for a year or 2. By buying used, you will save much more than the depreciation even if you have to spend $2K on repairs. Just avoid obvious damage and neglect when purchasing used.
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Originally Posted by mjlaupp View Post
If you are sure that you will keep the TM for 15-20 years, then buy new.
I'm not sure it's even worth it then. For me, it's not. Granted, if people didn't buy new, there wouldn't be any used, and that wouldn't be good for any of us. But if you buy one that is only 1-3 years old, you're saving $5k-10k that you could save for repairs, and that is ALOT of repairs. And how much use does the average TM see in a year? I'm guessing 4-6 trips -- so for a 1-3 year old unit, you're looking at ones that have been used for 4-18 weekends. Is that alot? You have to decide for yourself.

In my mind, the only advantage in buying a new TM is convenience. You want a 2720 with red cushions in excellent condition? Call a few dealers and go pick one up this weekend. Otherwise, you may wait a year or more before a used one comes up in your area.

Originally Posted by mjlaupp View Post
I have bought both new and used. The only warranty that lasts for any length of time is the limited (first owner) warranty on the lift mechanism.
I'm not sure how valuable this warranty is. As it turns out, it is indeed quite limited IMHO. When I first read this, I interpreted the "lift system" as everything that has to do with raising and lowering the shells. As I learned at the factory a few months ago, this is not the case. The ONLY time this warranty applies is if the torsion bar actually BREAKS, which would be very, very unusual. I personally have not heard of anyone reporting one breaking on this forum.

The "bumper to bumper" warranty is only 1-year. It's not like you're getting a 5-year, 60,000 mile warranty like on many cars. Let the first owner take care of all the annoying warranty items in the first year.

Just my 2 cents.

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I bought my trailer when it was one year old and saved about 10,000 and the sales tax, plus lower registration. The trailer was like new; so I say go with new used and save. Robert
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Old 08-14-2010, 12:41 AM   #6
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We bought our 2008 last year, saved about $'s a no brainer if you can find the right used one. That's a lot of repairs, gas, or what have you. Good luck!!!
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