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Talking Storage in 2010 2619


I am in the process of possibly purchasing a 2619 TM. From the brochure, it is very difficult to tell where the storage is located. The dealer that is 2.5 hrs from my home (one way) is sold out of all models so I can't see one. So if someone could help, I would appreciate it very much.

Is there any storage under the couches of the dinette? Under any of the beds? I read that the 2720 has storage under the queen bed both inside and out and the 2619 does not, but what about the other bed? Are there many drawers? Is there someplace to store clothes beside the big cabinet? I can't store much in that cabinet if it has to be laid on another counter each time we move our rig.

Thanks for your help and have a great day, Kathy Paris
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Well, we have a 2001 2619, but I doubt it's much different. You might have a few more drawers if you have the top AC; we have the side AC which is right in the middle of the curb-side counter.

"Is there any storage under the couches of the dinette?" Yes, but the potable water tank, pump, and associated plumbing is under the street-side one and the furnace is under the curb-side one, so not as much as you might think. We store some bedding and a small microwave in the street-side one; I added a plywood partition so it does not slide aft and hit the plumbing while traveling. We put bedding and a floor fan in the curb-side one, there is more room here.

"Under any of the beds?". No,the mattresses sit right on the "trays" that pull out. There is no storage under either bed.

"Are there many drawers?" There are many drawers and cabinets across from the bathroom. This is where most of the storage is. The largest space here is at floor level and is several "cabinets" wide with several doors opening into it. This drawer/cabinet areas where we put the bulk of the things that we leave in the trailer all the time: silverware, towels, tools, large pots and pans,etc. There are small cabinets in the bathroom but they don't hold much. We keep the toilet chemicals and paper here. There are cabinets under the kitchen sink that can hold quite a bit but the hot water tank and lots of plumbing intrude into the space. Many of the cabinets are oddly shaped and sized so you will come up with a scheme to fit things in there as you learn.

"Is there someplace to store clothes beside the big cabinet?" We wanted the counter space more than the wardrobe so we removed it. We keep our clothes in duffel bags. There is no reason why you couldn't keep clothes in the drawers and cabinets but ours are pretty full of things that we leave in the trailer all the time. It's easy to pack the duffel bags and carry them in and out at the beginning and end of the trip.

Hope this helps!
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(I'm a slow typer again....Bill covered it )

Welcome Kathy!

TM's have limited storage compared to up-right models and the 2619 is one of if not the most limited of the TM models.

There is storage under the curb-side dinette seat. Depending on the size of the fresh water tank, you may or may not have any space under the street side dinette. We have the 40 gallon tank and for all partical purposes it uses the whole street side storage area.

There is very limited storage in the over-head cabinet on the forward shell above the bed. The only thing we put there is the privacy curtains.

In addition to the fold-up wardrobe cabinet, there are three large drawers and 3 under-counter cabinets on the curb side.

There is a cabinet under the kitchen sink, but much of that is occupied by the water heater.

The bathroom has a couple of small under-counter cabinets (enough for TP, toilet chemicals, basic bathroom stuff).

There are also two optional hanging cabinets you can put up after the TM is setup. We opted for the over-sink cabinet and that has helped get a lot of stuff off the counter when setup.

The 2720 has the larger rear bed and does have a storage compartment that is accessible from the inside and outside.

When we pack, a lot of stuff goes on the floor of the TM. Once at the campground, things get put away in the wardrobe cabinet, over-sink cabinet and on the beds/counter tops. Other things like folding chairs, portable BBQ, etc goes in the back of the tow vehicle.

A lot of people have come up with extra shelves, storage organizers and over-door hanging solutions to add more off-counter storage.

It does have limits, but we and most others have found work-arounds.

Generally the more stuff you bring, the more weight you are pulling - so the limited storage does help keep the over-all weight in check because it forces you to prioritze what you'll bring and what you'll leave behind.

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Originally Posted by KParis View Post
Is there someplace to store clothes beside the big cabinet? I can't store much in that cabinet if it has to be laid on another counter each time we move our rig.
The wardrobe cabinet is a bit hard to visualize if you haven't seen it in operation. When the TM is set up for camping, it sits up at eye level, and is quite handy and quite spacious. When it is time to close the TM, you simply grip the lower edge, and slide it sideways to the right on a built-in slide. This slide supports half of the weight, and guides it, so it is quite easy to handle. You are not manhandling a big box. Then, when it is slid all the way to the right, it swings down to the floor on a built-in hinge. Again, the hinge supports it and guides it, and there is a convenient handle, so you are not manhandling a big bulky box.

See? Told you it was hard to visualize. But you should not have a mental picture of a circus strongman lifting a safe labelled SWAG from the ground onto the back of the getaway truck.

Besides admiring the design of the wardrobe, my own personal comment is that the extra space in a 2720, as well as the queen bed, is a real drawing card. They are not worth it to everybody - as with everything else, it depends on your needs and camping style

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We got the 2720 just for the extra storage, about a foot all the way across the back. One third outside and two thirds inside.

The 2720 was 6 inches too long for the garage, so we got the swing away tongue to solve that problem.

We carry bulky items, like the generator, BBQ, 5 captains chairs, 2 Coleman coolers, 2 Coleman gas lanterns, tools, water jugs for an additional 40 gallons, etc. in the truck.

The kids (26 and 29) sleep in their own tents (allegedly I snore), so they take care of their own stuff. My wife uses one drawer, I use another drawer and the third drawer is for kitchen towels and wash cloths and a few other items.

I added two drawers to one of the cabinets. That is for canned food, syrup, cereal, pasta, etc.

The top two drawers, one in what is called the optional microwave drawer, has all kitchen utensils.

Pots and pans are under the stove. Coffee pot and potato chips are in the compartment at the bottom. Some other stuff as well.

Under the sink is the dish drainer, cutting boards, ziplocks, BBQ tools, etc.

Over the sink is service for 8 plus some stackable mixing/storage bowels.

I have the optional 40 gallon water tank, so I have no room under the street side seat. Just enough for 100 feet of water hose and a pair of 3 gallon collapsible water buckets.

Under the curb side seat are two of the tacky green outdoor carpets, the outdoor speakers when not in use, table cloths for picnic tables and a two burner outdoor propane stove.

There is not much in the front over head storage because it is hard to get to and very small. Extra napkins and paper towels. Frisbees. First aid kit.

In the interior part of the extra space gained by the 2720 is bath towels, games, electric space heater if I am going somewhere with hookups, and my well stocked bar. In the exterior part is a small BBQ, a Pit-2-Go portable fire pit, two collapsible containers for garbage and recyclables. Also another 75 feet of water hose, and stuff I need for hookups like water pressure regulator, power tester, voltmeter. Also an axe for splitting firewood.

There is enough room in the bathroom for all of the small items you would expect to find in a bathroom.

I do carry some items on the floor of the TM while towing that will be outdoors at our destination. A 3x10 rug for keeping some dirt out. A few folding tables, because where we go there are frequently no picnic tables. Lounge chairs, Travasak (fancy sleeping bag). Sometimes some other things.

I plan on adding the optional over the stove cabinet which was not available in 2005.

My really big stuff, like two ATVs and three motorcycles are in the other truck and trailer.
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Thanks for your help Bill, Wayne, Bill and Jim. I am getting so much valuable information from the forum. I appreciate all of you for taking your valuable time to help me.

Have a terrific day, Kathy
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