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Old 07-26-2009, 07:14 PM   #11
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When you pick up the trailer be very careful about your first impression with towing it. I think that you may find that it "Pulls" quite easily (except up-hill). However, "Pulling" the trailer is only part of the towing experience and it must be noted that it is the easiest part.

Watch your speed going down-hill. You will find that the trailer pushing you down the hill may be one of your biggest challenges. It's best to go slow until you know what your TV will handle. If you have to use the brakes too much, they can over-heat and you could experience brake fade. Brake fade is something that you may want to study-up on if you do mountain driving. Often times, there is no 2nd chance with brake fade. It's the scariest part of towing.
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Old 07-27-2009, 02:55 PM   #12
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Good points regarding braking. I have scheduled an apointment with the Toyota dealer for tomorrow to install a brake box, check for/install trans cooler and engine oil cooler...hopefully won't cost too too much. One added bonus is that because I am purchasing this in Montana there is no State Sales Tax, so an unexpected savings on top of what I think will be a great deal. We are expecting the grandaughter now any day. As soon as she is born (ok maybe a day or so later) I will drive up and pick it up. I will likely take my two boys along and we will take it out on the inaugural trip. I will update here in the forum in terms of how things work out. Everything is contingent now on the trailer being in excellent condition as the seller states it is. I went and looked at the 2027 model at a nearby dealer in SLC. The salesman told me that they were going to discontinue selling the Trailmanor. His reasoning being that they "are too expensive comparitively speaking and too many moving parts." He freely admitted that he wasn't the biggest fan, however, another salesman (who wasn't there that day) absolutely loved them. I informed him that I was planning to purchase one pre-owned and told him the price we were paying, interestingly he significantly altered his assessment. His feeling was that Trailmanor was an excellent choice/product ( i.e. the weight, design, etc) IF you could find one pre-owned at a decreased price. He also went on to say that TM's meeting this description were extremely difficult to find. I looked at the 5th wheel trailers on the showroom in a similar price range and have to agree that a Trailmanor would be a difficult sell for the salesman to the average person walking off the street not really knowing what they were looking for. I could see many people taken by the width, appearance of the bedroom, etc, and be taken by the 5th wheel. However, based on our needs, this was the better aproach considering (1) The 3124 should provide plenty of room for what our needs are. (2) We can tow it with our 4Runner. 3) We already have a lot of light weight car camping equipment i.e. xtra long rei roll-up table, Black Diamond LED lanterns, Backpacking stoves/ fuel cannisters, Propane Heater, tarps, down sleeping bags, etc (4) Less depreciation, better resale.
We have always tried to be frugal, so it's somewhat different for us to be do something along this scale. Hopefully with our research and the wonderful feedback from others that we have recieved along the way, and a little luck, we will have found a wonderful value to resources spent.
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Old 07-28-2009, 08:25 AM   #13
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Default out of state purchase

5. Any advice regarding out of state purchases?

Yes bought mine out of state. I stayed overnight @ dealers site to check out.
if you can't stay on site make arrangements @ a campsite nearby so if any problems show up you can take back to dealer pronto with out having to put on many miles. Leave yourself extra time off for any issues that may occur. Make sure to check refrig. in all modes. Gas, Elect, & 120V ac. I had problem with gas operation of Refrig on my 2005 2720SL.

Have fun & enjoy

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Old 08-01-2009, 11:03 PM   #14
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Just returned yesterday from Helena (13 hours round trip drive in 24 hours). I made several copies from various threads from this forum, which I used to direct the inspection. Everything checked out wonderfuly, the trailer was in excellent condition, just as the dealer indicated. So we went ahead and did it! The WDH (1,000 lbs) worked excellent, no sway what so ever...didn't take long to get used to the brake box. My only concern was how it would tow..up hills and most importantly down them, with my V-6. I was very impressed with how the 4runner complaints. I now wish I would have gone with the v8, but I can definately live with this. I stopped at the weigh station and we came in at 8,740 lbs (three passengers, limited cargo). I used the inventory/item lists from this forum and went to walmart today and picked up nearly all the essentials..due to the feedback of another poster, I purchased a #2 square head driver and checked/tightened all the screws both inside and out that I was able to access. I don't think that I will go with the car stereo option, and instead use some nice portable speakers that I already have (save the money)that run on AA or 9 v ac. I turned the AC on at 5:00 pm (the trailer is south facing, quite warm today) and within 5-10 minutes things were cool. I am going to buy an amber bulb and replace my porch bulb with it. I have some minor maintenance tomorrow I noticed that one of the edges of wood on the inside of a cabinet appears to be chiping away and I am going to somehow glue it in place. The only other item of concern was a 1.5 inch cut in the vinyl flooring near where the vinyl meets the carpet (about an inch from where the metal strip holding the carpet in place is). Fortunately the cut is clean and there was no tearing. I stopped by a flooring center and purchased some liquid seam sealer. This evening I applied the sealer and tried to hold the vinyl in place with a butter knife untill it started setting up. I will let it sit for 24 hours, and hopefully everything works.
I purchased some levelers as was suggested. Seems like the levelers would prevent the wheel chocks from a flush fit. I'm not currently using the levelers as the TM is in the driveway. I am considering having another fantastic fan installed in the Bathroom, has anyone done this? Should be a fairly simple procedure by a qualified My two sons and I are planning on leaving for a trip in about a week. Were excited.
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Old 08-01-2009, 11:16 PM   #15
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Originally Posted by chopslot View Post
I am considering having another fantastic fan installed in the Bathroom, has anyone done this? Should be a fairly simple procedure by a qualified
The Fantastic Fan will not work (fit) in the bathroom roof. There is no room for a vent between the front and rear top shells when the TM is closed.
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Old 08-01-2009, 11:58 PM   #16
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My vinyl flooring has had a spot abut 3 inches long in the kitchen at home that I have had to repair several times. What I did was:

1. clean out any gunk in the split as best as I could.
2. insert some vinyl flooring adhesive, as best as I could.
3. Press it down to squirt out excess adhesive and wipe it up.
4. cover with a single sheet of wax paper.
5. place my steel carpenter's square over the top of the seem on top of the wax paper.
6. pile a bunch of heavy stuff on top.
7. wait 24 hours, just for good measure.
8. peel off the wax paper, some of it might stick, but it is pretty easy to remove.
9. apply seam sealer.

So far, the vinyl flooring in my stick house has held up well. Perhaps even above average. We bought the house new in 1986 and all flooring in the house is original. 23 years is pretty good, I think.
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Old 08-02-2009, 02:03 AM   #17
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Originally Posted by mjlaupp View Post
The Fantastic Fan will not work (fit) in the bathroom roof. There is no room for a vent between the front and rear top shells when the TM is closed.
Yea don't do any mods until you are really familiar with the trailer. It has a lot of sneaky (thought out) engineering that is easy to confound yourself with. Besides there's already a fan in the bathroom.

BTW your 4Runner has a tranny cooler but you can add a second if you choose. Avoid leaving the tranny in overdrive which is 5th gear on yours I believe unless they've put the 6 speed with the V6 now.

Enjoy! We will be in Utah next week with our rig. Pray for cooler weather.
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Old 08-07-2009, 10:37 AM   #18
Bill & Lisa
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Congratulations on your new baby (grandbaby and tm!). If you got Lynx Levelers they also make chocks that fit onto the leveler blocks.

Here is one link I found on the internet
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