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Maybe a water bladder you can carry in a truck with a drill pump or 12V transfer pump. No problem with any TP I've used. Scott is a good brand. Keep in mind that the Magnetek converter only charges at about 12Ah. The 32A rating is the panel rating not the charge rating. A 120Ah battery would take ten hours to charge.

If there is water service on the street but they won't give you your meter, maybe they will give you a temporary construction meter (Hydrant meter) They are pricey to rent but you could split the cost with others on the block. Power too. If a neighbor has power you could charge off a long cord. Sounds like the whole street is dead though.
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Well, see, this is an unusual situation. There are approximately 22 "camp" sites as they have always been called on this one road - cabins have been there for probably 100 years or so. The last storm that took them out completely (again except for 1 house) was Hurricane Carla in 1961. We lease our campsite from an environmental group. They purchased the land (mostly wetlands except for our road w/houses) from a grant they received a few years ago. We have all tried at different times to buy our little strip of land, but neither they nor the previous owners, would sell. So, we shouldn't have any problem getting the elec back on, I think that's being worked on right now. But, the mayor of the city we have to deal with in order to get our water back on is not fond of the env. group and is refusing to give us our meter. We are all on this one water line for all the houses, so it's not like we each have our own water meter. We have a HOA we pay dues to and they pay our water bill, keep the road up, etc. So, we're all in the same boat. We hope something can be worked out. Unfortunately, this same entity may prevent all of us from re-building also. So, if that happens, we surely will be using the TM to travel elsewhere and give up our lease. Whew, it sometimes gets complicated. But, my parents owned our little house down there and passed it on to me and our family has a lot of memories "down on the bay."
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