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Old 01-23-2015, 02:02 PM   #21
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PopBeavers said - Do be aware that all TMs are keyed the same. Is that still true? The dealer I got my TM from had bought it at an auction, and there are no keys.
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Originally Posted by SLH566 View Post
PopBeavers said - Do be aware that all TMs are keyed the same. Is that still true? The dealer I got my TM from had bought it at an auction, and there are no keys.
Go to your local hardware and buy a standard lockset for the main door. TMs use standard door hardware.

The storage compartments use a common RV key. This is easily fixed by getting a set of cylinder key locks from Camping World. $20 will take care of someone getting into the storage areas.
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I'm a retired locksmith. I rekeyed the TM and my hunting camp trailer to my house key. I now only have to keep up with the one key.
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The real question is how many people have had things stolen when camping. I have been camping with campers since the late 80's and have only once had an issue. Beer was stolen from a cooler that was outside.

Overall I think TM has better door locks than my previous 4 campers.

But what does it matter, if you are out camping in remote areas, or off season and there almost no one in the CG. A rock through a window is all it takes when no one is around.

Leave no valuables in your camper. I use to leave the camper unlocked thinking I would rather have someone take what they want, rather than damage the camper to get. But the DW likes the doors locked when we are not there.
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Old 01-24-2015, 07:29 PM   #25
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on the 2027sl all the thief has to do is push the rear bed up and he is in!
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Old 01-24-2015, 09:09 PM   #26
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I hosted for the USFS & NPS for six years with very few theft problems.

Here's the total list of everything reported stolen during that time:

1 small cooler with half melted ice in it (it sloshed so they thought beer was in it at 2 AM & it was a long way to town plus all the places were already closed)

2 warm beers (3 teenagers had been dropped off by an adult for the weekend & I think the kids got thirsty)

1 cell phone left charging in a public restroom by a German tourist (it was plugged in right below a sign saying NOT to do it)

I was always amazed at Bryce by the tens of thousands of dollars of equipment left lying around every day.

Not once in the 14 years that I've used my TM have I heard of anyone even trying to enter someone else's RV or tent.

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Old 01-25-2015, 11:15 AM   #27
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Originally Posted by tentcamper View Post
The real question is how many people have had things stolen when camping.
Don't think I have ever had any problems in the 30+ years I have been camping on my own as an adult! and I never lock my camper or my car when it is on my campsite. I will lock my car when I drive elsewhere.

That being said....I thought someone stole my floating chair from the beach this past summer (I leave it tied up at the edge of the beach by the trees so I don't have to haul it everyday) but after we walked around the lake and found it on the other side of the lake, and talked to the campers there, realized that it had floated away the day before.

The prior day I had pulled it out to use, had it just resting on the shoreline and we decided to walk around the lake first. When we came back we were in a big hurry because it was now raining and very windy. Didn't notice that my floating chair had been blown into the water and was halfway across the lake. Forgot that I had untied it to use it, so I was thinking just grab our stuff and go before it got any more wet.

Next day we went to the beach and I think my floaty was stolen. I was pissed that someone would do that. I didn't care about the cost, just wasn't sure if I could find a replacement. Also shocked that anyone would do such a thing. Just unheard of up there. So I sure was relieved when we found it across the lake and then realized what had actually happened, that I had actually left it at the waters edge and that the wind pulled it Into the lake. Restored my sense of security and the goodness of campers that I had always felt.

Of course I have been going to the same state forest campground for over forty years. If was somewhere else I would probably lock up.

I don't even lock my camper when it is set up in my driveway at home for two weeks before I leave each trip. Never had any problems.
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Burro Creek had signs up warning of generator thefts, 3 in 2005-2006; not locked and 1 in 2008 locked and chained under the RV.

We had a tent stolen at a county park in Orlando Fl in 1981. But the sleeping gear, stove and cooler weren't touched. Most likely kids.
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@Terryl --- "I'm a retired locksmith. I rekeyed the TM and my hunting camp trailer to my house key. I now only have to keep up with the one key"

I NEED to do this to my unit.....This winter!!!

I can't believe that TM delivers this high dollar product assuming the owner can keep up with THREE different keys. Is this something that a relatively handy person can do "at home" without special locksmith's knowledge or tools?? What parts are necessary and where can they be found??

I can't begin to tell you how much this has frustrated me.........

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Old 01-26-2015, 08:42 AM   #30
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Well if folded down there is no access, no way, no how. OTOH if you can pop the front module, that is all the access you need. They are not very securable so might as well key for convenience. (and make sure you engage slide and bed locks when open.
Looking for a 24/17 in or near Florida.
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