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Old 06-02-2008, 10:15 AM   #11
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I looked at a 27Ft HI-Lo with tipout couch last year & weight is a factor @about 4800LBS compared to 2950 with my 2005 27SL. With today gas prices more weight weight translates to lower gas mileage.
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Old 06-02-2008, 03:43 PM   #12
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We originally looked at TrailManors but chose Hi-Lo. In short, we felt it less setup and less maintenance. You can PM me or check out my postings in the Yahoo Hi-Lo forum if you want further explanation.

Speaking of, if you haven't already, join the Yahoo Hi-Lo group and post the same question, or do a search. The Hi-Lo vs TM is a topic that comes up quite frequently and sometimes gets heatedly debated on which is the "better" RV. In reality, it is your decision and your dollar. I would recommend to spend a lot of time in both, setup and take down each, write down what you liked/disliked for each model and then decide. Also research this site for problems and maintenance issues on both forums.

As far as the mascara incident, that was from Ms. Kippco and if you join the Hi-Lo group and do a search you can read on what really happened. I was able to raise my Hi-Lo with no battery and plugged into our vehicle just this past Spring when taking it out from winter storage.
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Old 06-02-2008, 03:58 PM   #13
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Thanks Meriflower for clearing that up. I had read or was told that you couldn't raise a HiLo if the battery was dead....but that did not make since to me because we can raise our electric jack on the tounge of our TM while hooked to the tow vehicle. I may have to go an reread the thread on the has been several years since I read it.
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We replaced the tires on the TM July 2017 I will update when I have time to get the specs

What's new...we went to all LED lighting and love them.

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Old 06-02-2008, 03:59 PM   #14
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Originally Posted by camp2canoe View Post
The Hi-Lo system is more complicated, requires electricity and has more chance for things to go wrong.
Just wanted to point out that the lift system does not require electricity, just a fully charged battery which the TV alternator maintains.
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Old 06-02-2008, 04:13 PM   #15
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The only HiLo that tempted us was the 27'. It had the master bedroom that is really neat in a HiLo.

The problem was that was at the extreme end of what our Tacoma could tow and with rising fuel prices the lighter TMs looked very attactive.

As far as setting up a TM all you have to do is open both ends and you are out of the rain. It takes maybe two minutes if you are slow or by yourself. You will take another minute to assemble the bathroom (locking 3 latches).

On our 3326, it take maybe 5 minutes and thats because we have cabinets to hang. If I am by myself, get the shell with the a/c on it is easy to do if you lower the tongue first, otherwise you will need two people. Since I don't have a power jack I run the tongue up manually, but again that's easy.

If you are comtemplating getting the 3326, I would say it offers extremely nice accomodations for two people and you can comfortably seat about 5 or 6 people inside. Sleeping is a different matter. If everyone is short enough you can sleep maybe 4. If you are going to sleep 2 on the couch they will need to be short and thin.

Oddly enough I think the sleeping accomodations for guests in the smaller TMs are better than the 3326.
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Old 06-02-2008, 10:55 PM   #16
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From the HiLo site they look really nice and I've seen a few at campsites. The smaller ones remind me of the Chalet's which also open under power. Some of the Chalet's have fixed beds with lots of storage beneath.

We've never used our dinnette as a bed. Come to think of it, our two little kids seem to end up in the queen with us most of the time. I can't say that a sofa bed would excite me but I can see where a couple would want an SL or similar model.
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Old 06-03-2008, 08:07 PM   #17
Doug W.
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I have a 3124KS which is the next to heaviest TM. Loaded I am still under 5000 lbs. I started looking at HiLo's. I wanted the 28 foot Classic. It was a permanent bed or nothing. I also wanted the nicer features in the classic line. Unfortunately the HiLo would be at least 6000 lbs to 7000 lbs loaded which could be over the 6500 lbs tow limit of my tow vehicle. Luckily while looking at the HiLos, I stumbled onto the TM website. When the HiLo would not work weight wise, I switch to researching TMs.

I also got lucky. My 3124 is shorter that the HiLo I was interested in. My driveway goes downhill and transitions to flat. I have to put a 2x8 in the transition and switch the hitch receiver to one that lowers the tongue of the trailer to stop the back of the TM from scraping. I am not sure I could have got the HiLo in my parking place. That would have been a very big mistake. If you have the tow vehicle for the HiLo and the parking space go for it. If not, that is where the TM beats the HiLo hands down.
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Old 06-04-2008, 05:18 AM   #18
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For us the decider was the fact that only the very smallest Hi-Lo's would fit in our garage - and garaging it was mandatory. These small models weigh more than larger TMs and the beds have to be reconfigured from seating areas each night.

Bottom line, we decided that for us, a TM that would fit in our garage was better than a Hi-Lo that would fit in our garage. If your needs/requirements are different, you may come up with a different answer.
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Old 07-19-2008, 10:45 PM   #19
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Default Had Hi-Lo, now have 31' TM: Both nice

We started with the smallest HiLo, two kids, and two adults. Loved camping with the kids.

Yep, the 14' interior was 'cozy', but we loved the construction quality and ease of setup. Ditto easy towing (weight approx 2500 loaded). And, yes, I realize that I am comparing smallest to near largest - get over it.

Some garbage 'arguing points'/picky stuff:

1. Yep, HiLos weigh more than TM for the size.
2. HiLos are WAY more cool to set up - 20 seconds of hydraulic whine and you are there.
3. Making the beds: optional if you are traveling, otherwise no biggy.
4. Height towed about same as TM.
5. Bathroom privacy: unless you are entertaining the Queen of England - its OK. Dont be a prude!
6. Stove, fridge, AC, etc. are similar/same as TM - no big deal.
7. You can MANUALLY pump the HiLo up if no electricity, or can use 12 volt feed from vehicle, or if really energetic, pull battery out of car and replace HiLos (just kidding - never a need to do that, but you COULD)
8. HiLo operates on a cable system - never a worry about failure, adjustement, etc. Get over the fears guys.
9. HiLos are a bit better in build quality than TM in my humble, but correct, opinion.
10. HiLo sealing system between top/bottom halves is WAY better than TMs - no insect 'leaks'.
11. Using bathroom with HiLo top down is not possible. Why not do as we did for ten years and just flip the switch for 20 seconds and presto - bathroom!

OK, now for TM features and comments
1. Lighter weight, saves SOME fuel but not as much as you think - I know I've clocked both. The lighter weight advantage is primarily ability to tow more with smaller car/truck. Big advantage to some.
2. More storage space inside for same size as HiLo
3. Weird toilet, weird. (sorry - had to do that!) but fellow campers are amazed (or not)
4. Bathroom gives more privacy - as if you hadn't heard your other half make tinkle before.
5. Sorry, but the sealing flaps leave gaps and are a PITA.
6. Sides tend to bow on larger models. My opinion.
7. Set up does take longer, but again, get over it: 20 seconds versus a few minutes. They DO go out of adjustment (the up/down thingies) more easier than HiLos.
8. Air conditioner mount over bed (our model) is less favorable than HiLo ceiling mount. Model specific.
9. TMs being set up draw almost same attention as HiLos - both cool.
10. Sleeping space: depends on mix of kids/adults. Our TM will sleep 4 adults OK - more kids. HiLos will sleep more technically, but requires using table as bed. A draw.
11. Interior space is different: HiLos have narrower bottoms by about 8"-12" than tops as top nests over bottom. TMs seem larger/wider inside. Pshychological perhaps, but real.
12. Big deal for us (cold winters): draining for cold weather is simpler in TM. HiLo requires two or more valves set just right, draining just so, etc. Yep, you can do it, but forget just once...
13. Security: TM is a bit less secure, not counting people kicking in doors, etc. A skinny kid can get in one end. Not sure it matters; anyone wanting to get into either will find its relatively easy. I agree that a NRA sticker and loaded 45 trumps all. (never use a .380 auto as it may annoy someone). Yes I am trained. Yes I am LEO. [No, not if you are uncomfortable defending yourself though.]
14. TMs look more better, slightly, but that's just us.
15. Last and most important point: BOTH HILO AND TM ARE GREAT !

We enjoy both. I would not hesitate to buy a HiLo again, same for another TM (in fact the 31' m-a-y be a bit large for just two of us - kids moved away). We always talk to either TM or HiLo owners, and there is the same 'private club' feeling among all.

In short, buy either, chill, and enjoy! Hope to see you under the pines!

[No offense meant by my opinions. Besides, my DW gave them to me!]

Good campin'

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Old 07-20-2008, 08:52 AM   #20
Vic Mendoza
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Default TM's Refrigerator versus Hi-Lo

We were all set to buy a 27’ Hi-Lo until we read on the yahoo Hi-Lo forum and confirmed with our Hi-Lo dealer that you CANNOT run the refrigerator on gas with the Hi-Lo unit closed. That one of the refrig’s vents are blocked when the unit is in the down position - and if you use the refrig on gas, it will cause fumes to vent inside the trailer. In fact, the owner’s manual states that if you stop for more than one hour, you MUST raise the top, and switch the refrig to gas – otherwise, your tow vehicle battery could be drained. There were numerous discussions that running the refrigerator on electric resulted in “heat gain” problems while traveling.

Our TM dealer says that this is not a problem with the TM because it vents on the sides and the bottom of the trailer, that the refrig has a ventilation fan, and that the gap between the top and bottom halves of the TM trailer allow for more ventilation than in the Hi-Lo.

Since we live in a hot and humid climate, refrigerator cooling capacity is very important to us. Sure would appreciate any comments.
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