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Old 07-13-2007, 06:30 AM   #21
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factor, my wife and i looked at hi-lo twice before buying our 1st TM,05-3023 and trading in our 05 for a 07-3326k, her and i feel like we are in a square box ! inside of a hi-lo.
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Old 07-13-2007, 07:42 AM   #22
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TM has always been the only one for us.

- Our "community" does not allow RVs outside, so it's got to fit in the garage or we pay around $150 a month for outside storage.

- We looked at HiLo:

Did not care for any of their bathroom designs. Even the one model with the bathroom in back gave me a sense that it was a little too public. The walls are more like curtains. TM's bathroom wins out.

The models that fits in a 20' garage, 17' & 19', don't have beds and are smaller than TMs 2619 & 2720 series. There is nothing else out there that gives you the square footage and still fits in a garage.

HiLo is a lot heavier than a TM.

- If I factor in the cost of storage for a regular TT ($150 a month), a TM is really low cost while offering quality that is comparable or better than most TTs.

- Add the additional cost of fuel when towing a heavier or regular TT

- Lastly, I discovered I can get into (and out) of places that would be impossible to access with an equivalent size TT. *

* Which reminds me of our surprise last year when doing a little sight seeing with our TM in tow. Who'd a thunk that "Loop Road" is a dead end!! And one that dead ends with water on two sides and thick brush on the other.
Mario & Idie

'03 2720SL
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Old 07-13-2007, 08:15 AM   #23
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Originally Posted by Factor View Post
Our 3023 TM was totalled, so we purchased a Hi-Lo. I can't speak for all models, but, we found the 3023 too narrow, it's only 91" wide versus the Hi-Lo Classic which is 100" plus a tip out. Each too his own. The TM is lighter and tows easier. If it were not for gas prices, I'd have a full size TT.
This is what makes this such a great many choices. The Hi-Lo works for some people, and the TM works for us. For me, I am glad that I "only" have a 90" wide trailer.......even that seems quite wide in city traffic sometimes. That extra 10" would be even harder to squeeze into those small lanes.....especially with a 102" (the legal max.) tractor trailer on each side. Give me that extra cushion for error anyday.

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Old 07-13-2007, 07:42 PM   #24
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Default Buy another TrailManor?

Of course! We purchased our first RV, a TM 2720 last Fall (2006) and have enjoyed it greatly --for the two most commonly given reasons --it's easy to tow and it fits in the garage. Also, it's good quality and has many nice features. Easy to set up. We have visited the factory and were impressed.
In hindsight, we should have purchased the 2720SL because we don't need sleeping for six and the 2720SL sleeps 4 and provides more living area. We are currently contacting dealers for a 2007 or 2008 2720SL and will either trade in our 2720 or sell it ourselves.
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Old 07-18-2007, 07:49 PM   #25
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Buying a camper is definitely a personal choice based on many factors such as lifestyle, price, etc. I am an avid camper from way back. My wife loves it as well. For most of my life it has been tents and backpacking. I moved up to a Coleman popup several years ago which I kept for three years. I loved my popup, but like many others I decided I wanted some amenties found in travel trailers such as hard walls, a real bathroom, etc. I also was tired of having to re-open my popup after taking it down in the rain. I discovered the TrailManor which I thought would be a great compromise between a popup and travel trailer, and I thought the concept was really cool. I did a lot of research and poured through this forum before purchasing an '06 2720SL last Sep. Since then I have gone on six trips over 20 nights and over 2000 miles. The positives: the TM tows awesome, sets up quickly compared to a popup, has a lot more storage space than you would think, has a functional bathroom, and the bed is quite comfortable and cozy. The negatives: the quality of a TM is subpar when you spend $24K+ for a new one. The TM is very small inside. My wife and I couldn't get out of each other's way sometimes. The toilet capacity is very small compared to your average TT, and it's not very enjoyable to take a shower in there.

The TrailManor is great for folks that have towing and storage limitations. Since I have neither I decided to take the beating and trade my TM in on a Flagstaff Shamrock 232 which is 23" long with a slideout dinette. Even with the beating I took, it was still a happy day when I towed my Shamrock home. I'm sure I will have a few punch list items to take care of, but I don't expect to find my stovetop (not stove cover) lying on the floor every time I get back from a trip.

I appreciate all your help whenever I had a TM question and keep on camping.

See ya..
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Old 07-19-2007, 10:37 AM   #26
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I know one gentleman who traded his TM for a Grand Surveyor because of reduced ability to lift. He was no longer able to lift the cabinet from the floor and hook it over the sink -- of course other things were increasingly difficult for him, too. He says he regrets not being able to continue with the TM.

As for me, I've had my 2720SL for a little over a year, and it's about as ideal as I could ask for. It sat in my garage from December to late March, simply because the many, many feet of snow we got gave me no room to get it outside (of course camping areas weren't very accessible, either).

I've been to several state parks, both with and without Trailblazers rallies, I used it last year for the ham radio field day in a farm yard, and it's now spent a week at Scout camp in each of two successive years. The ease of towing with my Sport Trac is a major factor, of course, but all the amenities, the decent construction, the inside space available, the ease of winterizing (4 drains, open faucets, a touch of antifreeze and you're done), and the unique curb appeal are additional factors.

I actually had a gentleman ask about the TM when I stopped in an Interstate rest area (gave him a brochure, too, of course), and another at Scout camp, along with inquiries at every state park -- demos were fun, too.

We've stayed in the TM through fairly strong winds, heavy rain, even hail, and nary a drop of water got in unless we had a door open, or the wrong window open (of course it can get noisy, but...).

And the queen size bed is good, with a 2" memory foam pad on it (folds easily, stores on the front couch for travel -- just a few moments to move it).

It would be nice to have a full size refrigerator, lots and lots of cabinets, "basement" storage and much more, but a Class A or 5th wheel just aren't in the cards, and they have their own drawbacks.

As to getting another one -- not unless I wanted a bigger one. This one is doing fine, and should last me for years. Still, if it came up missing or severely damaged, I'd probably get another 2720SL, though I'd have to consider going to a larger version.

Oh, yes -- The Car Show, the dealer in Colorado Springs, is good and they know the TMs well.
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Old 08-27-2007, 04:58 PM   #27
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Got the 3326 about a month ago, but have only been out for a 3 day trip. This Thurs we start out for 8 days, mainly to Ponderosa SP in McCall, ID. The new TM is spacious and tows easier (if that's possible) than the 2720SD did. Got the wood-grain vinyl (great improvement), electric tongue jack (recommended!), A/C. Stove is interesting - gas cooktop; underneath is a microwave and oven and toaster. Really! Many of the improvements that we all read on the forum have been incorporated. Couple of minor flaws - dealer has said they'll call us when parts come in. We think we'll like this one even better than the old one.
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Old 08-27-2007, 05:26 PM   #28
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I don't expect to ever buy another TM, because I don't foresee a need to.

We tent camped and backpacked for decades.

Bought the TM 2720 3 years ago at age 51. We store it in the garage when not in use, so it should last a long time. When we retire we will likely want something else. At that time I expect to save the TM for the kids (now 24 and 26) to use.

In 3 seasons it has been in the shop once for some minor warranty issues and another time for a cracked frame. I did do some damage to the edge of the laminate counter tops that I will repair myself with the help of a friend.

I have no complaints. We bought it with the intention of using it for 15 years. Still staying with that plan.
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Old 08-27-2007, 05:53 PM   #29
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We have had ours less then a month...and love it! We head out for our second camping trip Friday morning.

It is a lot easier to wash and wax then our 30RLS Keystone Outback Sydney was.

We plan to keep it a long we are looking into getting either a cloth garage or a metal one. Metal would last longer but seems to be less restrictions on the fabric ones you erect yourself. We also want to get a quieter generator.

I am constantly amazed at the camper. I think TM's should be featured on that show Modern Marvels.

I don't need a new one but if I did I would buy again.
2019 FORD 150.
2007 Trailmanor 3124KS...still got it.
Robin 1,000 Lb Weight Distributing Hitch ...still got it.

We replaced the tires on the TM July 2017 I will update when I have time to get the specs

What's new...we went to all LED lighting and love them.

New 3/25/16 two new horizontal propane tanks.
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Old 08-28-2007, 08:30 AM   #30
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In regards to your need for a cover for the TM. I cannot speak for Florida, as I live on the left coast (Sierras) but the temporary, cloth covered, shelters hasn't worked that well for us. The sun is strong up here and I get 2 maybe 3 years on the cover. The metal is fine it is just that the cover deteriorates, in my opinion, quickly. Also the replacement cost is very high, especially when you have to add the shipping onto it. If I had gotten a metal 'shed' instead I think that by now it would have paid for itself as opposed to the cloth type. Something to think about...

By the way, I KNOW that this isn't a issue for you in Florida, but whenever it snows up here I have to go out a rake off the cover. A metal one (with the appropriate snow load) wouldn't need that.

Mike Anderson
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