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Originally Posted by countrygirl
Gee where to begin...We are considering buying a 3124KS. We looked at a new one yesterday...and really liked it. Currently we have a 2005 Keystone Outback Sydney 30RLS. We bought this unit in May and still do not have a tag for it. We are on our 3rd temporary tag and have heard that the legal limit is two. We have spoken to the RV dealership "Suncoast" in Jacksonville...and two weeks ago they were going to personally hand walk it through the dmv...still NO tag. Next step is to file an official complaint with the DMV, contact a lawyer and attempt to return the unit. We purchased the unit May 28, 2006.

The Outback is very nice...but if...the title is cloudy and they are unable to produce a tag then I no longer want the unit. Now that we have used the camper...we have sure is a great big thing to lug around... So if it has to go back...if they can't get us a tag (it is financed through Thor) then I don't want to make payments forever only to find out we have a unit with no is a PIA to keep having to beg for another temp we can camp. Sooooooo if it must go back...I think we will get either a Hi Lo or a Trail Manor.

Trail Manor in my humble opinion are much prettier/nicer then Hi LO...and they apprear to be very well made. I do have a few questions though...

We had a 2004 Chevrolet Duramax Diesel and it has E rated tires with 80 dh wonders if we upgrade the TM tires will the unit still tow as well? I think the TM tires are D rated.

The curtains seem a lil skimpy...are they adequate? Can film be put on windows (like on a car)? How about on the window with the screen??? Do the screens come off?

Do the RV dealers really expect us to pay MSRP??? Did you pay it if you bought new??? Which dealers have the best prices?

I know I had more questions...but that is all I can think of right now. Thanks for your help!


I just ordered a new 2007 2720 on Saturday. By the way, the 2007s have a smoked tint to the windows so you should not need to do an after market tint. There are a few other things different on the 2007s, so I recommend you go look at one. My MSRP came to 29500. I bought at 24500 plus tax, license and I'm sure they still made a profit. You might want to check at It's a great site for getting an idea of what they will sell for, plus using as a bargaining chip with the dealer in your area. If buying a used one, go to and look it up.
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Some dealers are in successful markets where they can sell TMs for MSRP and others are in areas where they can be bought for less than wholesale after sitting on the dealers lot for a couple of years. If you have the patience you should eventually find a bargain if you don't mind driving a few days to pick one up and have the skills to take care of any warranty type problems that may appear.

I'm guessing 75% of MSRP is close to what the dealer pays for them. If you can get one for 85% of MSRP it should allow the dealer to pay his sales person/overhead and make a few bucks -- assuming they sell other higher-profit RVs that keep them in business. Now is a good time to be looking.
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Default Our 2 cents worth

The most important thing to remember about TM v. Hi-Lo is that TMs get bigger when set up - Hi-Los (excepting their top of the line with the slide out) just get taller. - Camp2Canoe
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Good husband went to the corporate office of the RV dealership where we bought the Outback Sydney on Wednesday and let them know if the could not get the tag for our G3 boat that we bought from them in March as well as tag for the camper he was going to drive them to their dealership at 2:00 p.m. on Thursday and they could give him his money back on the boat and his deposit back on the camper and have the Channel 12 on your side crew out to film it. They called at 3 pm on Wed. and said they would have the tags by Thursday. They called yesterday and said both tags were ready for pick. He picked them up at 9 am today. We are now street legal. We hope to get a Trail Manor in the future.
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