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Default to TM or not to TM?

Gotta love Leon, always sez it like it is ... and he is absolutely right that the TM is not for everyone. As for me, even after seeing them first hand, I'm on the fence. I would say that if you are new to traveling by travel trailers or coming up from a pop-up, then this should be a no brainer decision. Just do it!

As for the expense, it simply costs more to use light weight material to manufacturer a light weight trailer. Factor in that this is a smaller niche of the travel trailer industry with fewer units being sold, then of course it will cost "more" than a comparable conventional trailer. However, due to the lack of structural integrity (my point of view ONLY) I do question the quality of construction. I have yet had to tighten a screw on my Sunline which is now 13 years old but it happens somewhat frequently for many TM owners. Just one example and of course I haven't had to replace or repair the shell locking mechanisms either.

Storage? Well, I don't have a pole barn and I don't have a three stall garage and I have more than one vehicle. If I park a TM in the garage then one of the vehicles sits outside for the winter. That seems less desireable than storage. But then again, I live in a community that allows you to park your units next to or behind the house.

How can light weight, low profile towing not appeal to everyone? Lower towing costs, lower priced tow vehicles and safer to tow. Hard to not like that. Buying a smaller tow vehicle at less cost and better fuel economy than a 3/4 ton pickup diesel is perfect (and less smelly).

Setting up/taking down? All a part of the camping experience whether back packing tent, pop up, TM, conventional trailer, 5th wheel, van or motor home. Is an extra 5 minutes all that big of deal (unless you can't wait out the thunderstorm that you're in)? Of course there is that bathroom that can take awhile to access while you're on the road.

But there are some draw backs. As for being tall, I bumped my head on the bathroom door frame all three times I looked in there ... and I'm only 6'2". In my current unit I occasionally bump into the air conditioner even though I know it's there and after 8 years of ownership, should know better.

Sitting in the TM and not being able to see outside is not a plus for us. We like to see what's going on both at our camp site and around us.

Although we're considered frugal campers without much gear by most, I can't fit what we carry now in a 25' conventional trailer in a 3124. No screen door. Fridge half the size of what we now have. Not being able to walk on the sides of the bed, not being able to make the bed and so on are real turn offs.

Lots of interior room! Gotta luv that.

I know there are remedies for much of this but we're not sure we want to make do. No travel trailer is perfect and they all represent compromises. Whatever our final decision, I'll always be grateful to the members in this forum for their experience and wisdom. Your insights and information have been invaluable.
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