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Debian Dog
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Originally Posted by Texas_Camper
for viewers to make a 25 or 50 dollar contribution... Maybe we should try that approach. It may work much better for us, who knows?????
I run the iMovie FAQ and l I used to ask for contributions. I switched to Google ads about a year ago and now I make WAY more $$$ than I used to ($60-$200 a month). I did not start th FAQ for $$$ but bandwidth costs and all that. I am trying Amazon on the front page, but it seems "Hit or Miss"
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I must be in the wrong business then, if you use the 1/4 of the members thing as coyote suggested than of his 15,000 members he has 3750 that opt to donate $25 and that's $93,750.00. At least now I know why you don't have to charge a single dime. Wow can you say career change
It is a very nice site too by the way, I have used it prior, nice to know who made it.

I think this site is great as well! and I don't mind the whole dollar a month fee either. It's just another dollar that I could have given to Camping World for some silly accessories.
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Because of this board, I got an excellent tip from Larry Loo a year ago regarding Odyssey versus Prodigy brake controllers. He even showed me where to get a great price that saved me more than the annual fee of the membership in TMO.

So, what does a Costco membership cost.

I buy lunch almost every day at five bucks per day. If I brown bag it 3 days per year I can pay for the TMO subscription.

I also spend a lot of time on ( I hate television). The general tone around TMO is so much more friendly. I can't recall ever seeing any post in the last year on TMO where Chris or a moderator removed or edited a posting as a censor. It happens rather often on

You get what you pay for. Chris is providing a lot more value than the retiring CEO of Exxon.
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