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Old 07-01-2016, 11:00 AM   #21
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Default huh???

Originally Posted by TrailManorMan View Post
WOW. Opinions are like holes and you have many......
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Default well....

Originally Posted by Bailey'sMom View Post
WOW. All of this from a two line comment that didn't mention your trailer at all. Sometimes if you ignore a jab it goes away, flies under the radar, and isn't blown out of proportion. That is what I would tell my child. Instead you have done nothing more than turn a small flame into a towering inferno. Sorry I wasn't planning to comment anymore on this but how can one ignore that. Please for the sake of your wife and your blood pressure...laugh it off. It's not worth the stress.
at least you know where I'm coming from even if you did not answer my questions....
peace and love
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So... back to the topic of a chat room... I kinda doubt it would get much use. I just check in periodically to see new posts and if there's anything of interest, ask a question, or occasionally post something that I think may be of interest to others. Seems like to me that others may be doing the same. I can't see myself spending time in a TM chat room.
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Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
And some are insulting for no good reason!
How would you like it if he called your trailer a piece of sh*t to your face on the forum? Do you think that is becoming? Is that the way an adult should act. I never ever did a thing to this guy and this comes at me out of the blue. I don't know this person and have never even mentioned his name, handle or anything else that someone might call him...and believe me I now have a lot I could call him, but I will not stoop to his sophomoric behavior. It may not look like much but I take great pride in my TM...and, of all of my comments I have NEVER insulted anyone on the forum to their face. I bet you wouldn't like it either....I NEVER EVER mention people by name unless it is to praise them for a good job done or a brilliant idea. But to single them out for ridicule in a public forum, that's not right! I guess it's ok with you but not with me. If I don't stand up for myself then who will....YOU? From the looks of things I think not! I bet you wouldn't want your child acting like this guy now would you? Let me ask you would you like it if someone you never even knew existed or ever even mentioned in your entire life, started putting you down in front of the whole world? I guess YOU would go celebrate and be happy as if you won the Loto. SORRY...I'm not wired that way and was taught different by my parents. Me,.... first I wonder "why in the world is this person acting like this...and then when it happens again, I get MAD!
NOW... I am going to say this to every single person (even you Mark) on the forum...yes I do have my opinions about STUFF...not people,, STUFF...and I do posses a great since of humor which is usually the context that I make comments on....I NEVER wish to cause anyone on this forum any discomfort and I WOULD NEVER INSULT ANYONE BY NAME....even if I had a reason. I am a lover and NOT a jerk like some.....if by an outside reason you are offended then accept my apology as it will never be intended!!!
Nuff Said!
The great since (sense) of humor statement is definitely debateable.
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Default just drop it...OK

Originally Posted by hoverlover View Post
The great since (sense) of humor statement is definitely debateable.
Thanks for the oh so kind words certainly have a way of making folks feel should be real proud of this brilliant statement...I'm sure your wife and your mother would be honored by your conduct here! I can see how your military background has disciplined you to be a kind and caring soul. Your concern for your fellow mans feelings in paramount. I feel much better now! Perhaps a carrier in crisis counseling is just the ticket for you. I think I see a Nobel Prize in your future! Did you by any chance attend the Don Rickles University of Oratory Criticism?

But the reality of it all is that this was not called for and you know it...I certainly would not pull this on you my fine friend!
you're right again takes all kinds....UGGG!
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