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Old 10-30-2014, 01:10 PM   #1
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Default heaters and beds

We're new to the forum but I've already found a wealth of info here. However, I haven't found anything (yet) of some questions we have as prospective owners. My apologies if they have been covered before.

The first is: How are the furnaces arraigned? From the photos, it looks like on several models they are under the convertible beds. Does the heated air vent from there? Doesn't this cause a problem when they are used as beds? How about people sitting in front?

Next, we are stout persons. I'm over 300 lbs. Are the convertible beds sturdy enough to support my weight? How narrow are the bathrooms and aisle to the main bed? Just looking at the floor plans, I guess the aisle is about 37" on a 3124. If so, that's about the standard for hallways in a home. and would be no problem for us.

I've looked though the threads on bedding and mattresses. Have they improved on the newer models or otherwise?

Finally, is there a thread with the relative pluses and minuses of the three configurations - double bed, living room and dinette.We would need one form of a second bed.

Thanks in advance!
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Old 10-30-2014, 07:49 PM   #2
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Hi wtxnitz

Welcome. I think some of your questions have been answered elsewhere but I will try to answer some.

Weight / beds: I found this from a 2006 post on the forum.... "I placed a call to TM and they told me that the beds are rated for 600 # but are tested at 1200 #." That sounds about right to me. A quick internet search found similar ratings for pop up trailers. I have to say my TM bed feels more sturdy than my old pop up bed.

Let me just say I am also a rather stout person. Me and the dog combine for just under 2/3rds of the 600# rating. No problems. If you can test one out at a dealer, both of you should climb out and test it out. Don't think you should have a problem.

Best Floor plan: this is totally personal preference. I like my dinette and would never want or need the bed on both ends. But I camp alone with just me and my dog. I like to sit at a table to eat and read if it's a rainy day. I don't have hookups or tv so that doesn't factor into my usage. In fact my absolutely favorite thing to do is lie in bed reading with all the windows open and my dog by my side playing with her toys. Somehow that always ends in nap time. Ah yes....what a nice way to spend an afternoon.

I have never converted the dinette to a bed but I think it would be more comfortable than converting the sofa. Downside of dinette is it's harder to access the cabinets over the front end.

Mattresses? Again personal preference. I sleep on a tempur pedic at home, and had replaced my old popup mattress with better foam plus a topper. First thing I did when i got my TM was test the mattress, and then I replaced with memory foam mattress. As for bedding? I like the same sheets I use at home, along with my down comforter.
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Configurations each have their advantages and disadvantages. We had a 2417 Sport KB (beds at both ends), then got a 2417 KD (dinette).

KB you have to climb over/through the dinette to get to the bed. No horrible, but it makes it easier if you collapse the dinette table. Least amount of floor space with this model.

KS (sofa) gives the most floor space, but I would not want it for sleeping. It is shorter across than the dinette converted, as the sofa arms take about 6" away from the trailer width. Some have said sofa arms are removable on some models, but that still is a split "mattress" to be sleeping on.

Dinette, to me, would be more comfortable and roomy than the sofa. I will find out in a couple weeks, as I will have four of us in a KD. All adults. One will be sleeping on the floor (last to commit to the trip).

We replaced the foam mattress with a double-twin Coleman air mattress setup from Camping World. I inflate it when we arrive (12v pump, done in total of 3 minutes), deflate it before packing to leave, and leave all bedding and extra 3" egg-crate foam in-place. Simple setup, in my mind.

If you have a chance to look at some in-person, that will help with most of your questions, regardless of the size of the TM.

Have fun looking!
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Old 10-30-2014, 08:45 PM   #4
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Mine is a slide model and the front sofa/bed is good for people 5'5" and under. Also be very very careful that it is fully extended and clamped in place or it could flip on you. I use a piece of 2x4 at the outer (rearmost) edge to make sure it does not happen.
Looking for a 24/17 in or near Florida.
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Old 10-31-2014, 09:33 AM   #5
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With regard to the heater, the location varies according to the model. My dinette models had/have the heater under one of the dinette benches. In my old model, the heater blew out under the table, making legs very hot. In my new model, the vents blow out the end of the bench, into the open area of the trailer. Much better design!
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Old 10-31-2014, 09:42 AM   #6
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Re the furnace. It is mounted in different places on different models, but because of the limited space in a small trailer (as opposed to a giant fifth wheel or motor home), there is always the possiblity that it will blow on someone's legs. And that is not a problem. The heated air is warm, but not blistering hot, as long as you keep your bare skin several inches away from the vent. About once a year someone asks this question, and my answer is that our dog used to position herself in front of it and enjoy the warm breeze.

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Old 11-01-2014, 03:54 PM   #7
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Good info on the Beds- We are also "Fluffy" and was wondering about the bed issue.

Hey " Love to Camp" would like to check out your 2417 KD.
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Old 11-16-2014, 05:52 AM   #8
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Default Heater

I use a portable electric heater instead of the propane heater. The propane heater is great; however, it uses a Hugh amount of propane.i
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Originally Posted by nylesn View Post
I use a portable electric heater instead of the propane heater. The propane heater is great; however, it uses a Hugh amount of propane.i
Although the furnace does use a bit of propane, they aren't very efficient, here is a cost thought for you. On average a federal cg with elec will cost you an additional $5 per night. 4 nights = the cost to fill the 20# propane tank. Sometimes you can find propane @ $10 to $12 per 20# not very often.
A "Buddy" type Mr Heater will heat the camper fine, at least for us, and is more efficient. Corps of Engineer(acoe) are usually the cheapest for electric sites among the federal CG's; $22 per night in most cases -vs average $25 per night for state parks. The cost at acoe is $11 with the golden age/inter-agency pass. Other federal CG's give you half off the sight but elec is $5 to $7 bucks; no discount.
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Default Electric Heater

We don't camp full-time in our Trailmanor. I have never in my full-time RVing or periodic camping ever stayed at a site where they charged separately for electricity so propane verses no additional cost for electric usage is a no-brainer.
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