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The key is in the name, National Automobile Dealers Association. These are prices a dealer might expect to use. Low retail is the price a dealer might use for an "As is, where is" coach. This is not what a dealer would pay for one or offer for a trade in.

"High Retail" is for a very nice example that has been detailed and comes with a warrenty or service contract.

In my case I am fortunate to live in a "target rich" environment and found one that while not exactly what I wanted (would have preferred a KS) was a perfect "discovery" unit. One that had been taken in on a trade for a behemouth by a dealer who does not ususally handle TMs and had had for a while (was in a "clearance section") and had a few minor (to me) issues.

Was able to buy right even with needing about $1500 in new "stuff" (didn't expect replacing the awning). Process took several months.

Frankly I was not expecting it to need as much as it did in just fiddling stiff and fixing repairs that had not been done properly. IOTOH all of the structure and coachwork is sound and everything works.

If I decide to replace the axle that looks like another $500-$700. Major issue is that the Dexter #11 axle appears to use a different spindle than the #10 which will require new hubs, brakes, and wheels. All bolt in stuff but the $$$ add up.

Is more than I expected to spend but is just part of the learning experience and acts as a stress reliever for me. I usually deal in 20-50 year old vehicles in my hobby and didn't expect an 8 year old to need quite so much fiddling.

That said, people on forums generally want top dollar for their things and often they are worth it but sometimes the asking price is more sentimental value. In my short time here I have seen some bargains (one 3326 I was very temped by even though I had mine) but also in one case saw a three year with an asking price higher than a new one advertised by a dealer.

Bottom line: the best price will be from someone, can be a dealer, who acquired it for next to nothing, knows little about it, and doesn't want it. That is also a quick way to a money pit if you also know little about it. The best coach in a pre-2012 will be from an individual who has garaged it and is fanatical about maintenance. It will not be cheap but think of it as trading money for time.

This forum is an enormous resource for the uninitiated to learn. It is also enormous so it help to read very fast and have a big monitor or three. The forum is part of the reason I chose the TM. It certainly has more room inside and is more versitile than my Vixen. It is also providing diversion from my day job.

The internet is also a marketeer's dream, it is possible to create a market that did not exist for very little investment. It is also a nightmare for those who do not understand it, why Apple is coining money. Few understand it.
Looking for a 24/17 in or near Florida.
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Default Nada

Originally Posted by Joesplace View Post
When researching a TM's NADA price, does the base price include all standard options or do you add everything to the base price?
Also, remember that NADA is based on percentage adjustments, not on any actual or statistical sales data.
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