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Old 08-20-2012, 10:17 PM   #11
Brittany Dogs
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Don't forget the TV antenna. New units come with the "Jack" antenna and it works quite well. Glad you are getting the front window. It is well worth it. Once you see what is involved with the swing hitch, it is easy to see why it costs what it does. Aluminum wheels weigh less which allows a few extra pounds in cargo. I also recommend the electric front jack.

The dealer moves the units with a forklift??? Holy cow!
2011, Model 2720SD, 13.5k btu Dometic Low Profile Penguin II with a user installed Easy-Start modification, "Jack" TV Antenna, 15" Goodyear Marathon 225/75R15D Tires on Alloy Wheels, Swing Hitch, Electric Tongue Jack, Front Window (now an option). Powered with a Honda 2000i or 3000 handi (depending on the weather) generator when dry camping. Powered with two 6V Trojan T145 batteries when I need to run silent and deep. TV = 2016 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab w/ WDH.

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Old 08-21-2012, 07:08 AM   #12
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Originally Posted by CrazyCampers View Post
Here are the options I am planning on requesting:

TM 2720SL
Low Profile Roof Air Conditioning
Hanging cabinets
Swing Hitch
Plumb Quick Connect for Ext Grill
Front Window

I don't see the 40 gallon water tank listed on the Build Your TrailManor page for the 2720SL for some reason. Will it not fit because of the sofa slide out on that model? If available, I would want that option.

(Wouldn't it be great to have a tankless water heater instead of a 6-gallon tank!)
AC, awning, cabinets, hitch, window: CHECK!

Microwave: Agree with comments above. Keep the oven and get a $60 or less Wally World special. Mine fits in the tub while traveling. I camp with electric only, but the oven gives me the option to go without in the future.

Quick Connect: I have one--my dealer put it in for cheap. I have never used it. I have a nice Coleman grill that doesn't want pre-regulated gas, so I tap off the main tank. You need a special grill to use with that quick connect, otherwise the only thing you can really tap off there is a gas lantern -- and most these days would use LED or canister for that. If you have a WeberQ, I think those can be modified to work, but think about limitations on grill placement -- high pressure gas allows for a much longer hose than low pressure. I have a propane "Campfire in a Can" which we love, but I still tap that off the high pressure, because I can set it further from the TM than the QC will allow.

40 Gallon Tank: Not on a 2720SL. The tank is under the kitchen sink, there's no room for the bigger tank. So, do what I did, and install the "Ultimate Water Refill Bridge". It makes it crazy simple to refill the tank from any water carrying device, effectively making the tank endless. Instructions on the board, somewhere, you can search my name or I'll dig up a link.

Tankless heater: There is at least one model of tankless heater I've seen, but there was a limitation--I think it was propane only? It would take some effort to retrofit -- not much, but some. I've never heard of the factory doing it, but a dealer might. The guy I purchased from probably would have if I had asked, he was that kind of guy. There is another type of heater that is "added capacity", meaning a 10 gal heater fits into the same space as the existing 6 gal. This one works by jacking up the temp. of the water, then mixing in cold into the line as you use it, so it seems like there's more hot water per tankful. This would be more of a direct replacement, and easier to install. A third option would be to buy an inexpensive stand-alone tankless heater (from Sportsman's Catalog, I believe they have one) which is primarily for showers. You could then route the tubing into the bathroom, or create a tap into the hot water line (probably very close to the showerhead) and use it that way. Hang it just outside the bathroom off a stirrup. A few different options there.

Better question is, what are your plans for the hot water? I can only conceive of it being an issue if showering--anything else, and the existing stock heater seems more than adequate for the task, especially if you activate both heating elements. If it's just for showering, and you know you will have electric, I've seen inexpensive showerhead heaters that could possibly be modified for use. Install it at the base of the hose, and it would heat the water coming out at point-of-use, so you'd use only a fraction of the hot water from the heater, and the rest would be brought up to temp. at the shower. As long as you have AC this might also be an option.

As always, it all depends on what you want, specifically. Personally, on the debate of used vs. new, I bought new because there were a few things introduced in my new model year that I knew I wanted and didn't want to mess with trying to retrofit, and I'm glad I did. Currently, the higher kitchen sink setup would be a deal-maker for me.
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Old 08-21-2012, 09:02 AM   #13
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Strange, I opens this post to read about the subject line of "How much can you deal with a RV dealer on a TM? " and all I see is posts about the microwave and cooking techniques, water pumps, etc

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Old 08-21-2012, 09:13 AM   #14
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It started with me asking about how much I should pay for my new TM and then I migrated to asking about what options to order. Maybe I should have started another thread but I wasn't sure if this forum prefers you open a lot of threads or just add on to similar threads.
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