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Old 03-30-2003, 11:50 AM
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Default First time camping

Hello everyone,
We have just got home after our first camping trip in our TM. It was wonderful. I have never been camping before, so it was all new to me. I sure have the camping "bug" now. Cant wait to go again. Everything worked out fine except for the odor from the toilet. Think we must have used the wrong chemicals. We stayed at a State Park so we had no sewer hookup. But other than that it was great. Its so wonderful to get out into the peace and quiet. Away from all the troubles going on in the world at the moment. We only went a few miles down the road, just in case we got into trouble. But it was like entering a different world. I can understand why you all love camping, and your TM's so much now. The weather was perfect. Not too hot (we live in southwest Florida) although after we left they had 4 tornadoes touch down near where we had been staying (not big one's). Enough to cause some damage though. Someone was looking after us I guess.
So, now we are planning our next trip. Probably in May. Wish it could be sooner.
Happy camping to you all.
Jean and Richard
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Old 03-30-2003, 12:47 PM
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Default Re: First time camping

Jean & Richard,

I buy at Walmart the blue Thetford liquid Campa Chem Natural formaldehyde free holding tank deodorant. It comes in 6 bottles per box. Also, I purchased from Camping World Potty Toddy Tabs. I add 1 bottle of the blue liquid to the charge, and 1 or 2 of the tablets. I don't have any problems with smells when I use these 2 products. Even in very hot weather, the smell is eliminated.

Give it a try. The 2 products are not very expensive so you are not out too much if you don't like them. : ???

Bob Strong
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Old 03-30-2003, 12:50 PM
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Default Re: First time camping

We used something called ODORLOS. Its rubbish.
Many thanks for your info. We will use blue Thetford Aqua next time. I seem to remember reading a posting from someone who also used Thetford Aqua.

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Old 03-30-2003, 12:56 PM
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Default Re: First time camping

Thanks Bob. We will also try what you suggest.
We cant get over how helpful everyone is. So glad we are a member of the TM family  

Jean and Rich  
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Old 03-30-2003, 01:55 PM
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Default Re: First time camping

What kind of chemicals did you use. We have used the blue Thetford Aqua Chem. Best to put in half of a bottle then add water from the hand held shower till the meter shows charged. Then after dumping, put in the other half and add more water. before the next trip. Works for us

If you check the bottle and toilet documentation,  I think it states to use one bottle with the initial charge...I know that it will control the odor OK, but it is also supposed to begin digesting the waste solids, and a half bottle might not be enough to handle this....JMHO.
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