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Originally Posted by ShrimpBurrito View Post
I have, on a few instances, intentionally had the TM plugged into shore power while the main fuse to the battery was pulled (same as having no battery). All AC circuits worked as expected, and all DC appliances also worked (although I did not fully test the radio). However, given that I have the older converter that uses the battery as a filter, my overhead LED lights had a bit of a flicker, and the fluorescent light in the bathroom (the only fluorescent in our TM) also had a bit of a flicker. But no other issues. I think that only leaves the Electra Magic, the overhead incandescent lights, and furnace, all of which operated normally.

I agree, I could still be wrong, but the above is why I made the statement. We too recently had a battery go bad (dead and would not charge) so I had to disconnect it, to get the radio and the test panel to work. Everything then worked normally like that, no hum in the radio, etc. Not saying it is ideal without the stabilization of a battery, but stuff worked.

Oh, and during that same episode I learned that only a few of the 12V circuits use the battery as a filter. Only the low powered ones, like the radio, the antenna booster, the test panel, etc. Lights, pump and other higher wattage items are on a separate output stage from the converter that has no filtering. I am referring to the older converter that is in my 2003 and was discussed in recent threads here.

But sorry to get off track, we haven't helped the OP at all, since I failed to notice it was a week or two past when the OP was going to examine the camper.
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