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Despeight -

Please don't misunderstand me. It is no bother, and you are right to ask. You have paid the fee, and you have a right to expect a result. However, the way the Internet works today, the user has come to expect that when he pushes the button that says "PAY NOW", he will see the result within a few seconds. That works with big retailers, and with companies that are big enough to buy and maintain an automated software payment system. However, this forum is small enough that Chris has to handle it all manually, on a time-available basis. This inevitably causes a delay, and the delay can range from a couple hours to a couple weeks, depending on what is going on in his "real life".

During that time, there is nothing wrong with sending a reminder query to both Chris and me, and you shouldn't be reluctant or embarrassed to do so. We'll make sure it gets done.

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