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Renene -

Good. By 2003, most TMs had aluminum framing in the shells. Prior to 2001, most TMs had wood framing, and a long-standing leak could cause the wood to rot. Aluminum doesn't rot, of course.

You will need to fix the leak. It is undoubtedly a matter of doing some recaulking. Time consuming, but not hard or expensive. You should spend some time looking at the threads regarding leaks - there are a lot of them, most in the Exterior forum.

The "no pictures" thing bothers me. Anyone can take pictures these days. If the owner doesn't have a smart phone, you can be sure that his neighbors or his friends or his family do. He should be willing to send you half a dozen photos of the interior, and another half dozen of the exterior. Scams have happened. Be sure that no money changes hands until you have seen the unit, and are sure he owns it (title, registration, insurance papers, or whatever, stating his name and a matching VIN). If you buy it, make sure that you get a signed bill of sale, and that the bill of sale includes the VIN, and the sentence "There are on no liens on this trailer."

There is a tutorial on pre-delivery inspection at
It will help you know what to look for, what questions to ask, and so forth.

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