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When buying a Trailmanor is the nadaguide correct.
There is no "correct", only guidance. NADAGuides is probably more-or-less correct when averaged over many TrailManor sales, but it often disagrees quite a bit on any particular transaction. Don't fall into the trap of thinking you are going to haggle out the last $100 by using Nadaguides. TMs are too hard to find.

Nadaguides also has a huge list of "options" to choose from, when valuing a trailer. This is a generic list, and most of it does not apply to Trailmanors because most things on the list are standard equipment on TMs, not options. Example: On a TM, the air conditioner and awning are true options, while the DSI water heater and 3-way refrig are standard.

Don't allow the owner to beat you up on price by checking off things that are standard, and then pointing to the bottom line.

As Bob pointed out, location has a definite effect on price. Condition is probably the most important item, especially in an older unit.

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