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Right they need to concentrate on three core models, 2518, 2922, 3124 (think more people would like a longitudinal king than a transverse queen in back). Start with a shell and build common options involving one or two slides.

Minimise the base price and make profit on options like power slides and opening. BTW there are many needs for dry capability including AC than just boondocking:
- mobile guest room/party overflow
- dry campgrounds
- rest areas
- emergency housing
- fairs, shows, conventions, and auctions
- hunting blinds
- vacation cottage

and I agree, at this point to many TM is a complete unknown. Good marketing is essential. If there really is not much in the way of tooling it is too bad forum members could not have created a consortium, I have know that to happed to other vehicles.

Note that everything exists other than with a rear slide, where to carry batteries/generator.

One place I would work with a hungry generator/inverter manufacturer is for an integrated system that could use the coach batteries to absorb the starting surge for the AC. Then a "soft start" would not be necessary.
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