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It sounds like a problem with the Firefox add-ons, rather than Firefox itself. Try starting Firefox without the add-ons. One way to do this is to start Firefox as you normally would. Then, just click Help, then click Start with Add-Ons Disabled. If it works properly now, you can re-enable the add-ons one at a time until you find the one making the problem. The fact that the problem goes away when you switch to Edge may simply mean that Edge, being new to you, doesn't have any add-ons yet.

On my Win 10 laptop, I have Firefox with no add-ons, and all is well. On my Win 7 desktops, I have Firefox with Ad-Blocker Plus, and again, all is well. So the problem isn't simply that you have an ad-blocker. But your choice of ad-blocker may bring a problem, because some ad-blockers do strange things.

In some cases, the website itself may detect that you have an ad-blocker, and politely request that you disable it. If you decline, the site goes ahead and loads anyway. But other ad-blockers don't permit anything to load at all if it detects an ad. Seems like overkill to me ...

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