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Huskies, Great Danes, or Chihuahuas? There is a big difference.

We no long have dogs, so I can not help with that aspect of your questions.

But I can tell you why we got the TM.

We wanted the largest hard sided (no fabric walls) trailer that would fit in our garage. Must have, stove, oven, fridge, shower, toilet, sleep 6, not longer than 19 feet, short enough to clear the garage door.

We looked at HiLos, but the biggest was 17 feet, and those do not sleep 6.

We have been very happy, since March 2005.

Back to the dogs, if you have a 2720 like mine, the dogs will end up on the front bunk. I would not like that while I was eating dinner. I would get one of the 2720 models that has the living space in the front instead of the bunk, so the dogs are at floor level instead of eye level.
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