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EnzoTexas 05-28-2021 09:19 AM

Bathroom walls for a 3023
Hi, Iím looking for bathroom walls for my 2006 3023. The previous owner had taken them out and replaced with shower curtains. I know this is a strange request, but Iíd like to get it back to stock. Iím also open to any ideas that someone may have as how to make bathroom walls. Thank you.

Bill 05-28-2021 03:16 PM

I believe that the bathroom walls are the same for all models, not specific to any particular year or model. That should make your quest easier. Making a copy of the OEM walls shouldn't be too hard, although the plastic parts might be a pain to obtain. Have you checked with Adam (parts guy) at the factory? They are very helpful about strange requests like this.

He is at


EnzoTexas 07-22-2021 04:35 PM

Hi Bill, thank you for the reply. I will definitely check with Adam. The shower curtains they put up in place of the solid walls is definitely very mickey mouse and no offense to Mickey Mouse.... I'd love to take my trailer up to the factory and drop it off there for some adjustment, but I don't know when I would be able to make it up there, unfortunately. Thanks again Bill!

Shane826 07-23-2021 02:28 PM

A few people did this over on the Facebook group. They said it made the back bed feel more open. I didnít understand the appealÖ Iíll take a real bathroom, thank you very much.

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