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Bill 05-17-2021 10:18 AM

Tpms - a real-world evaluation
Like many RV groups, ours has had a lot of discussion about TPMS systems. Though I’ve experienced a number of tire failures over the years, I’ve never owned a TPMS. Recently, in preparation for our upcoming cross-country trip, I finally decided to buy and install one. But which one? I found that on-line advertising info wasn’t as helpful as I had hoped, making a choice difficult.

I set out with a goal of finding a TPMS from a reputable manufacturer at a mid-level price (no $10 midnight specials), with specs that sounded better than mid-level. I can’t evaluate multiple systems, of course, but I have tentatively chosen a TireMinder Solar Powered Trailer Tire Monitoring system. Our 3000-mile trip will involve roads ranging from newly-paved high-speed Interstates, to sections of endlessly-pounding concrete roads, to South Dakota farm roads ankle-deep in mud - a good test. Along the way, I will update my impressions in the existing discussion thread at

I will learn the good and not-so-good points, and in the end, we can discuss them in the larger context of how another user might use the somewhat thin on-line information to make his own choice.


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