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Jeff the marmot 05-22-2018 12:37 AM

Search results for non-sponsors
I'm certain that this website would have more revenue if you would add some statement in search results that there are multiple forums that become available for forum sponsors. The easiest solution is just to have static text on your search results page. But one step better would be to look at that user's current login status. If they are a 'guest' or otherwise a non-sponsor, you should display a message that they will almost certainly get a LOT more results if they become a forum sponsor. In my case I didn't realize I let my forum sponsor status lapse, so it would have been helpful if a message would have been displayed that I'm only searching the forums that are accessible to 'guests'. Then the forum moderators would also have fewer annoying posts that are just repeats of the last hundred questions that ask the same things because the 'guests' don't realize their questions have already been thoroughly answered but they can't see those forums.

Bill 05-22-2018 06:41 PM

Jeff -

I am in agreement with you 100%, especially since I am the one who has to deal with a lot of the problems you describe (revenue is Chris's domain). However, the forum software is a commercial product (, and it is not reasonable to dive into that software to make it do something that it isn't designed to do, no matter how attractive the change would be.

Way back when the forum was formed (1999 or 2000), I suggested a whole bunch of great functional additions and changes. Chris was polite and understanding, but gave me the same answer I just gave you.


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