View Full Version : Should i buy 2000-2001 model?

06-27-2009, 11:12 PM
Dear Trailmanor Expert Owners,

How safe is it to buy an older models from 2000 -2001? How much should I pay for it? Are there drastic differences between 2000 models vs. 2005 and up models? what are some things I should examine before purchasing an older model?

Would you recommend me getting a 2000 model?
I want a new one but no money... so I have to get one cheap and old.

Thank you

06-27-2009, 11:59 PM
We bought out 1997 TM in 2003. Except for the side A/C (it died, we took it out) and some parts in the Winegard antenna that now need repair, everything still works fine on it. We've had to repair some parts here and there, but it's still a very solid trailer and I wouldn't hesitate to take it cross-country and back. It's a great trailer and we have never regretted our purchase.

It is a bit more basic than the newer models that have some more "bells & whistles", but it meets our needs and we love camping in it.

A lot depends on how the previous owner has kept it, where it's been kept, and how much it's been used (and/or abused). I don't consider a 2000 trailer old, unless someone has really used it hard (or as Texas Camper used to say, "rode hard and put down wet") or let the elements damage it sitting outside.

Someone gave us a 1960's Aloha trailer that we camped in for several years before we got the TM. Never had any problems with that, either, but there wasn't much to it!

There are tons of threads (way too many separate ones) on what to look for in used TM, just use the search feature.