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05-27-2009, 06:35 PM
Hi Mark here in NJ My wife dawn and I are considering a new 3124ks. any suggestion on option musts or dont's. can I really pull this with a Grand Cherokee 6 cyl.Any other suggestions would be appreciated!

P and B
05-27-2009, 07:08 PM
Hi Mark,

We have one of these and like it a lot. We got pretty much all the options but the solar panels and opted for the MicroWave instead of the gas oven (we don't boondock too often). The AC unit is very noisy. Perhaps they've replaced it with a more quiet one by now (ours is a 2008).

Don't know if you have kids or not but this version doesn't really sleep that many. The couch is not that great for sacking out on, which leaves the King sized bed in the back. This kind of relegates it to just the two of us and we throw the grandkids on the couch and floor in the front. They're only 7 so still like rubber.

As for towing, I tow with a Mercedes ML320. It has a 5000lb tow capacity and a big alternator. Cooling never seems to be an issue of more than 5 degrees or so. I don't go up big mountains very fast but it beats walking. It tows very well as I think most people will tell you. Anyway, I'm sure someone on here has some knowledge of your TV.


05-27-2009, 08:28 PM
Mark - our friends have a 2006 3124 KB - probably a little lighter than a KS - and they originally had a JGC 6 - and could not tow safely with it. Granted it was an older model, but even with WDH it was problematic. I have a 2003 3124KB and tow with a Durango 4.7 V8 - and wish I had more torque. Depending on the year and the HP and torque, you might be ok, but you mght not. Does it have a towing package? For most Chrysler products, the towing package gets you heavy duty radiator, battery, tranny cooler, and bigger brakes.

Just as a guide - my 3124 KB had an advertised dry weight of 3090 lbs (or something close). I weighed it last month after taking it out of storage and it weighs 4240 lbs.

You have to add all the options (A/C, awning, etc) to the dry weight, plus battery(s) and propane. We would only add clothes and food to that weight to tow, so I'm probably towing 4300-4400 lbs.

Depending on how old (or new) your GC is may make a difference. Let us know some more specs and maybe we can give you a more specific answer.

(PS - I tow in the Rocky Mtns so I look at it a little differently than you might).

05-27-2009, 08:44 PM
I used to tow our 3326 TM with a Jeep Grand Cherokee with an inline 6 cylinder 4.0L engine. I live in Florida and most of my towing was on flat ground and the Jeep did a good job as a tow vehicle. The TM towed straight as an arrow and even with trucks passing it did not sway. I towed the 3326 up to Cherokee, NC and on some slopes going up it was slow 40 to 45 MPH. So I would say in any kind of mountains the towing capability would be marginal. There is a 500 lb difference between the 3326 and the 3124 so I don’t know what kind of difference that would make. My Jeep did not come with a tow package so I added the class IV hitch, air shocks in the rear to give more clearance between the tires and wheel well, an Equalizer WDH, and most importantly an after market transmission cooler. Five months ago I replaced the Cherokee with a Jeep Commander with a 4.7 L and going up bridges here in town I can tell a big difference in pulling power.

05-28-2009, 06:16 AM
We have a 3124KS and love it overall. There are some things I would opt out of if I was having one built (we took the one the dealer had).

1. The microwave in place of the oven. It works fine, but the supporting frame and cabinet leave a lot to be desired. Ours has broken the supports from traveling over some rough spots in the interstate. My next project, when I get time, is to just take it out of the cabinet and carry it like I would an aftermarket microwave.

2. Unless they've made improvements in the television tuner, you're better off (and cheaper) to just get a flat screen television. No matter what settings on the built-in tuner I fiddle with, I can only get channels 2-13 hooked up to park cable. The tuner does the auto channel scan all the way up to channel 70, but will only tune up to channel 13.

We tow with an '04 Expedition with 5.4 liter V-8, so I don't know how a Grand Cherokee might do. In hilly/mountainous terrain, I tow with OD off so I can maintain plenty of torque. Our last trip across the Rockies west of Denver on I-70 I was able to maintain 55 mph without much trouble. Same thing crossing the San Rafael Swell in Utah on that same trip.

Good luck and happy camping,


05-28-2009, 07:33 AM
The new TMs have the low profile much quieter AC. I had one on my last RV and they are much nicer. As for the towing, If you don't do hills and mountains, you are OK ( Marginally), but definitely get the trans cooler, WDH and change your oil, trans and rear diff to synthetic.

06-02-2009, 06:48 PM
We have a 2006 3326 that we are towing with a V6 Taco with the factory installed towing package. Even in the mountains of New Mexico above 6,000 feet we have had few problems. Certainly, more horsepower would help going up mountains, but it was nothing we could not handle.

I disagree about the microwave. The microwave is about the most useless appliance in our TM kitchen. If you feel the need for a MW, install your own as it will save you a lot over the factory MW.

One of the problems with the MW is that it takes a lot of power to run the MW. You really have to be on shore power or have a genset. That was amoung the reasons why we took our MW out. We just never got the use out it.

The oven, on the other hand, we have used on every trip. Bisquits in the morning and tonight we are having homemade pizza. You just cannot do that with MW.

Ditto on the flat panel TV. Less weight and real estate, plus a better picture.