View Full Version : How do you tell what year TM was made?

02-24-2008, 12:00 PM
I was looking at TM the other day. The name plate says it was manufactured a year earlier than the title. The title vin and name plate vin match.

Which year is correct?

02-24-2008, 12:32 PM
Just as with cars, the year of manufacture is not necessarily the same as the model year.
The name plate correctly describes one - the title correctly describes the other.

I saw an ad the other day for the 2009 model of some car - you can buy it now.


02-24-2008, 07:41 PM
The "2007" 2720SL we recently purchased new, had been sitting on the dealer's lot since late in 2006. The ID plate on the side of the trailer states the date of manufacture as "Sept. 2006." When we purchased it we received the Certificate of Origin which we turned in to the state in exchange for the new title. This CO described the trailer as a 2007 model year and had a date on it of Oct. 3, 2006. My new title calls the trailer a 2007. So my trailer and title may represent a situation such as you have seen. My understanding is that at some point in 2006, trailers produced after a particular date were declared 2007 models. I would not be too concerned with this, myself. Just be sure that the serial numbers on the trailer ID plate and title match.

I would be more concerned with reading this forum extensively and learning as much as you possibly can. Try to assure that the used trailer you purchase is in as good a condition as possible.

Best of luck with your purchase.


02-24-2008, 09:28 PM
I was looking at TM the other day. The name plate says it was manufactured a year earlier than the title. The title vin and name plate vin match.

Which year is correct?

Well, they both are correct, as Bill and Arniland stated.

The actual year the trailer was manufactured and the model year that TrailManor assigned to a particular trailer can be different sometimes. (as in other manufacturers products too)

A manufacturing company (whether Trailmanor or any others) can designate their product to be next years model (or later) when they want to. They may change certain options or other manufacturing processes to reflect what the next years model is going to have earlier than January 1 of the next year. They will list the trailer and corresponding VIN number to reflect this. You will need to know exactly what year they assigned to the trailer in order to get correct parts for it. We discussed on how to properly decode the VIN number to see what the manufacturer assigned to the trailer several weeks back in the following forum.


Now to the actual manufacturing date. Some states Department of Motor Vehicles will use the actual manufacturing date of the vehicle/trailer when issuing titles (as Paul Heuvelhurst pointed out in the above forum), while other states will use the manufacturers assigned model year. Because of this, you can actually get a title that has a different year model listed on it, instead of what year model the manufacturer assigned it.

Being in the parts business myself, the model year the manufacturer assigns their product is more important to us in correctly getting the right parts for it, than what model year a DMV puts on the title.

However, if the trailer is listed as older, it does affect the blue book/resell value. This is either good or bad depending on if you are buying or sellling.

Are we thoroughly confused now? :)