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12-23-2007, 01:50 PM
Hi folks. I'm Jeff from NY; my wife & I are considering a TM purchase so I plan on bugging you guys with questions for a while! :D

We've owned a '98 TowLite since the Spring of '99 (purchased used from the original owner). Prior to buying that trailer, which sort of fell into our lap from another family member, we had been looking at both Hi-Lo & TrailManor units. I've been reading this Owner's Forum for years (as a guest only) along with RV.NET, iRV2 & the Yahoo! Groups. We finally think it's time to upgrade!

I was looking at the TM website yesterday, pricing the 3023 (our preferred model) & I noticed some new options for '08 (at least I didn't notice them listed the last time I looked there):

[1] Power Lift/Level Jacks w/ Remote for $2170
[2] Anniversary Edition Package for $2940 (alloy wheels, leather interior, improved lighting, marble-look countertops, SS grill, LED center brake light)
[3] Plumbing Quick Connect for Exterior Gas Grill for $140

Is anyone aware of other changes for 2008?

I'm sure I'll have many other questions so please bear with me as I gather info for this big decision. TIA for the assistance.

Happy Holidays to you & yours.


12-23-2007, 02:25 PM
Jeff, welcome to the forum !!

I am not up on the 2008s, but....check out the forum on some recent posts on power levelers. Some of us use a battery powered drill with a allen wrench or foundation bolt to raise and lower the levelers.....a lot cheaper than that option.

I don't know about the annivesary addition......depends if someone wants all of those extras.

The outside gas quick connect seems like a pretty good idea.

Good luck on your upgrade, whatever model and options you choose.


12-23-2007, 05:20 PM
The outside gas quick connect seems like a pretty good idea.

That is what I always thought until recently. I frequently have a small propane stove on a table next to the TM, so the quick connect would work well for that.

However, this summer we were camping and I wanted the stove on the picnic table, which was on the street side of the TM.

So I bought a small 2.5 gallon propane tank. Now I can use my portable propane stove anywhere I want to.

12-23-2007, 05:51 PM
Wow! That's a slew of nice new options - I hadn't spotted them. Good for TM! A lot of those ideas come straight from this forum. They do listen to us!

Gotta be a little careful of the added weight, though. Depending on which web site you check, those Power Twin II stabilizer jacks weigh between 130 and 160 pounds for each (front or rear) pair.


12-24-2007, 09:16 AM
Jeff, welcome to the forum !!


Thanks Chap!

12-28-2007, 06:12 PM
Half our camping cooking is done with a BBQ. We have a cheapy $20 propane BBQ and that gets used tent camping too. I considered plumbing a line off the big bottles but the parts were pricey (compared to the price of the BBQ haha) The BBQ stores in the outside compartment of our 2720 and uses 16oz bottles. I have an adapter from Harbor freight that allows refilling the 16oz bottles from a 5 gal one. I've been reusing the 16oz bottles for ages. Still no leaks in them and much cheaper than buying new ones.

The interiors on the new TM's are really nice!
The electric tongue jack is the way to go and I bet electric stab jacks would be handy but I'm ok without them. I worry about ripping those jacks off on poor (off)roads.

It's always good to talk to people who own a product before buying. Some forums you go to all they are talking about are the problems they are having. That's a good indicator not to buy. I think most of the people here are very happy with their TM. I am.

12-28-2007, 07:42 PM
Lars - nice photos in your gallery. One question - looks like you added an extra hanging cabinet in the front bed area. Did TM put the hanging hardware up for you (like I assume they do if one buys the over sink or over stove cabinets) or is this one of your modifications?

It seems like there are some options available that don't appear on the website (unless I'm simply missing them). The obvious one that comes to mind is the 2" lift (& maybe larger tires) I've seen mentioned. Are there others?


12-28-2007, 09:57 PM
Thanks! Funny that you mention it as I was just reading on the TM site about the cabinet over stove option. I think at some point they offered a cabinet at the front bed like on mine. I never use mine because I don't like it up there but it just occured to me to move it over the stove. The wife likes the idea and moving the brackets is easy. I bought the TM used BTW.

The lift may not be an option now with the new axle design but I'm not up on that. The bigger tires are definately aftermarket for those who want more load capacity/bigger safety margin.