View Full Version : Will my TM fit in my garage?

11-18-2007, 07:24 PM
This question comes up on a regular basis, usually concerning the height of the TM. Variations include "I have a lift kit", "I have big tires", "what about the special air conditioner", and so forth. Here is an answer to most of the questions.

The upper frame of my garage door is 83-1/2" from the floor. Several threads have discussed the difference between the height of the garage door frame (which you cannot change) and the height of the open door (which you CAN change). See for example


Here's my situation, which is shown in the pictures below:
My TM has 15 inch tires, not the OEM 14 inch tires. I made the substitution, but it is not a standard TM option.
My TM has the factory lift kit.
My TM has the factory-stock (meaning low-profile) air conditioner.

As shown in the photos, there is about 3-1/2 inches of clearance from the highest part - the air conditioner shroud.

My TM is a 2720 with a swing tongue option. My garage is 19 feet 6 inches long inside. The TM fits with several inches (probably 16 inches?) to spare.

Things to consider. By 2006, the low-profile air conditioner was standard. In 2002 it wasn't, and the airco was several inches taller. When did the change occur? Dunno. But despite the addition of the lift kit and the bigger tires, my new TM has more clearance below the garage door than the old one did.

The pictures below aren't great, but they may help.