View Full Version : Alasaka and a TM ?

07-08-2007, 07:45 PM
I'd like to say hello to all and thank you in advance for your input....
Let me say that I have looked hard at Lance slide in campers for a trek to Ak that my wife and I are wanting to make (about three months worth) and I did find the Lance camper to be up to the task but was just too heavy for my F250 diesel I found that for at least my truck that it was built more to pull than to carry so kept looking and accidentaly came across TM and was intrigued by the data and the pics I saw..... My real question is this: In your opinions will a TM stand up to the AK environment and will it hold up to the task of towing from Texas to AK and back.... I will be going down the forest roads etc and have read that this trailer might not be best for that as it is built light etc. ..... no sales pitches please I just need honest opinions and hopefully someone that has been there before in one of these units...thanks so much.

07-09-2007, 05:11 AM
Here is another resource. We met Marilyn and Dave two years ago (in Tombstone and Florence, AZ). They are currently on an extended trip to Alaska. The homepage has a place to leave a message and a guest book that may be helpful. Feel free to ask them how their TM is holding up. You can also request to be put on their journal update list or bookmark the URL and check back periodically. As you will see when visiting the journal homepage, both Dave and Marilyn are prolific writers.