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06-27-2007, 08:35 PM
We are realy excited to have discovered the Trail Manor pop ups and have even found one local in excellent condition for a really nice price the only trouble is we are in CA and the 3023 has no air conditioning!! Is there a place set aside to add one either wall or roof ????

06-27-2007, 11:07 PM
RockyMtnRay installed a side A/C in his TM. I don't know if you can access this page, but here is the link:


It would probably be best to have a dealer do this for you unless you're really handy. You would probably have to cut out the drawers installed there (if there are drawers), install a drip pan and a drip hose, and add an electrical outlet to power it. You would also have to cut a hole in the outside wall and add a vent screen. Then you would have to secure it to the TM with a strap and frame it in so it looked good.

We used to have a side A/C, located to the immediate right of the oven in the space right below the counter. It died, and we took it out; we don't camp where it's hot so found no need for it, but have left the space open. When we're camping with hookups we use the space for a microwave; without hookups we leave the microwave at home and put drawers in the space. I kept the drip pan and hose, and sealed off the outside vent with a contact-covered piece of foam board. I moved the outlet, but it's still there for use in case we should ever want to replace the A/C.

You might call a nearby dealer and ask them what it would cost to add either side or roof A/C.

06-28-2007, 08:53 AM
Our TM is a 2000 and it came with a side A/C. It is just a regular window shaker. Most window shakers have a built in drain pan but you would have to cut a hole for the drain tube and a "window" on the outside for the air to be drawn in and the heat to escape. Our drain tube goes into the wheel well. The newer units come with a roof A/C and the factory can tell you if you need stronger springs (torsion bars) or if you just crank up the old ones. I would get the low profile roof air if we didn't already have the side air. Any good RV shop should be able to install it for you. I've installed quite a few in an earlier life when I worked on RVs. The biggest challenge would be to get the power up there. Obviously, that can be done since the factory does it on all the new TMs. Call the factory and talk to Ed.