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06-25-2007, 09:44 PM
OK, I have been absorbing all the information in the forum for a couple days now. I had already decided upon ordering a new 2008 TrailManor 2720SL to replace my wonderful but takes-too-long-to-setup '07 Starcraft Centennial 3608 pop-up (which replaced my worn-into-the-ground '99 Flagstaff pop-up). I'm a solo camper 90% of the time these days and thus want something faster to setup, but still like the low profile for towing.

The options I'm pretty positive I want: low-profile A/C and swing hitch (so it will fit in my 83"-high, 20.5' long garage), all the hanging cabinet options and 3-drawer cabinet for storage, stove cover, woodgrain vinyl floor, rear bike receiver, TV shelf, and electric tongue jack.

But before I do, I have just a few questions that I haven't already found sufficient information about by searching the forums:

1) So, should I order it without the factory battery box? I would like to run it off dual-6V batteries anyway (done that mod to two popups already). I've read several threads about the inadequacy of the factory battery and mount.

2) Any experiences using the tri-fuel Yamaha EF3000iSEB generator with this unit? I'm talking about the Yamaha-approved USCarb modification http://www.yamaha-propane-natural-gas-generators.com/ef30iseb.htm

Sounds like many folks are opting for the smaller, lighter 2kW-class units, but given that I mostly camp here in Florida and thus ALWAYS need the A/C running in addition to whatever else, the 3kW unit is the way to go for me. Besides, I also plan use this to power some of my house (and a window-unit A/C) after the hurricanes.

Mostly I'm just wondering if anyone has experience using a propane-modded genset like this for boondocking. Especially for home use, I would rather keep a big cylinder of LP around than a bunch of gasoline that's going to get all gummy in storage anyway.

3) I'm a bit unclear if the lift kit option is still available? Or has it simply been incorporated as standard? Also, when custom-ordering from the factory, are there any larger wheels available?

4) I absolutely LOVE the dual sink on my Starcraft. I don't know how folks wash dishes in a unisink without getting as frustrated as I do. However, I found no mention of dual-sink mods for the TrailManors. Anyone?

5) While on the subject of mods, is there anyway to upgrade the 20# horizontal LP tanks on the 2720SL to 30# units? Judging from the few pics I've seen here, doesn't look like it.

6) What is the factory option for "microwave box w/drawer"? Is this the only way to get a microwave unit AND the propane oven (aside from a free-standing microwave)? I also heard mention of a microwave/convection combo, but see no factory mention of that. Actual preference would probably be for a toaster oven, but I also want something I can boondock with.

7) Is there a 40G upgrade to the 2720SL's freshwater capacity? Threads seem mixed.

8) Anything else all you experienced Trailmanor owners would recommend if you were ordering a new unit from the factory? Also, any recommended Florida dealers? Leisure Time in Orlando (Winter Garden) is my closest, but there are other options. SunCoast in Cocoa has been great to work with on the Starcraft, but alas they don't carry TrailManor.

Thanks in advance!

>*< Fritz Neumann

Scott O
06-25-2007, 11:03 PM

I just sold my Centenial 3608 and ordered an '08 2720SL. I asked some of your questions and here are the answers that I got...

1. Lift and larger wheels no longer available.
2. No dual sink option. Too bad! Reason is probably that the sink area is smaller and a dual wouldn't fit.
3. The microwave box w/drawer is just a counter extension with a drawer underneath. You supply the microwave to sit on the counter.
4. No water tank upgrade. The tank is under the sink rather than under the couch as on other models so there is no room.
5. I am having the dealer add the 2nd battery. I have no idea how he will do it but I will sure check it out! He knows more than I do about the installation and I don't intend to get anal about it.

The rest of your stuff is basically what I ordered. I don't typically dry camp in hot weather so my Honda 2000 is very adequate for my needs. Good luck, needless to say I agree with your TrailManor decision!!!

06-26-2007, 07:50 AM
Scott - You couldn't have been more timely! Thanks so much for the info. That answers 1, 3, 4, 6, & 7 in one post!

So, without a factory dual-sink, I'm wondering if someone makes one that would fit into the same hole as an aftermarket mod?

TX_Camper - Thanks, that answers #5! With the standard, vertical mount LP tanks on the Starcraft (and the Flagstaff before it), the only limiting factor was clearance between the tongue and the bottom of the front bunk. In both cases, I was able to squeeze 30-pounders in there with just enough clearance. Like having a whole extra tank when boondocking!

As for setup times, the 3608 takes longer than your typical pop-up because it has a slide-out as well as the bunk ends, so it's almost like having to setup a third bunk end. Altho, the real time-consumer isn't setting up, it's tucking all that extra canvas in for breakdown - and if you don't stuff well enough, the top won't latch (Starcraft inexplicably has a much shallower cap than the Flagstaff did, but with much more canvas), so you crank it back up and stuff again! I've already used it more than a dozen times since purchase and still it's 50/50 as to whether it will latch without cranking back up. Breakdown for two people isn't too bad, about a half hour including all interior stuff, but for me solo these days it's pushing 45 minutes!

However, in the 3608's favor I will say this: even though it only slides out about two feet, that opens up a world of space inside. People can pass each other in the hallway, two people can work the kitchen, etc. Plus it's like having a bay window with all the flaps open on the slideout - sunny, open, and gorgeous. People who step into the 3608 say it's like the Taj Mahal of pop-ups. I will definitely miss that in my TrailManor. If I had a family of 4-6, I would keep the Starcraft for sure!

Nevertheless, I'm moving forward. The TrailManor fits my solo camping style better and more comfortably, and besides, after 20 years of tent camping, pickup-truck campershell camping, and pop-up camping, I'm ready to move to something hard-sided, better insulated, quicker to breakdown, holds its value better, has a living room instead of an extra bunk, and something I can occasionally work from. It should do me for years to come.

Of course, I've got 25 more years of camping to go before retiring in that Class-A with the full-side slideout and jacuzzi tub. ;)

So, anyone want to tackle numbers 2 & 8?

>*< Fritz

06-26-2007, 10:49 AM
Hi Fritz,
I'm a Tampa FL based TM owner. We have a 2007 2720 which we purchased from Suncoast RV in Pinellas Park FL (near Tampa), in March of this year with all the options that you spec'd out. We've used it 3 times in Central and North Florida so far for about 14 days of total camping. We camp with the full family, my wife and I and our 2 boys. 6 and 1 year old.
Regarding the dealership, I can email you my (mostly positive) experience if you feel like you making a trip to the west coast.
Regarding the options, like I said you mentioned everything I have and I wouldn't get rid of one thing. Not sure if the "fantastic fan" powered vent is a standard feature on the 2008, but it is nice to help bring the temp down a little while the A/C isn't on. The A/C is a necessity in Florida, but as you've probably already read is really LOUD... It doesn't bother the family while sleeping, but trying to watch a family movie is all but impossible with the A/C on without turning the volume to the max. We love the extra space the hanging cabinets provide, and don't find the extra "setup" to be a hassle. Coming from a Starcraft 1707 popup, we find the TM to be a much quicker and easier setup. One final mention, since I keep mine in my garage as well, is that it is an extremely tight fit. I mean there is about 1/2" total clearance on my "standard" width 3rd car garage and that is after I removed the molding surrounding the garage door. Granted mine has the crank out Fiamma Awning which has now traded some paint with my garage door frame. Without the awning there wouldn't be an issue, just FYI.
Good luck on your purchase,

Bill & Lisa
06-26-2007, 02:09 PM
can't help you on #2. on #8 depends on how you plan on camping. If you are going to be boondocking alot (reason for the generator) you may also want to consider the solar panel option. Also, don't know what your plan for Television/movies are. The factory flat screen option looks good in photos but not sure how it views in real life. I do know having it mounted all the time will save on set up and break down time.


06-27-2007, 05:38 AM
On item 4, we use a small, round pan whose diameter is about half the sink width, leaving us room to put washed items in the sink before rinsing, then rinse several items together before putting them in the drainer, which we place on the cabinet above the 'frig.

06-27-2007, 06:35 AM
Also, don't know what your plan for Television/movies are. The factory flat screen option looks good in photos but not sure how it views in real life. I do know having it mounted all the time will save on set up and break down time.


We have the 17" flat screen in our 2007 3124KS - it works really well and should look even better in a 2720. Only problem I have with it is in our 3124, it's quite a ways to the TV from the sofa so can be kinda hard to see sometimes.:(



03-10-2008, 09:25 PM
HI Fritz:
Are you sure you want to buy a brand new 2720SL? I just posted our 2005 2720SL on the For Sale section of the Forum that looks and smells like new still (used twice with less than 2,000 miles total on it) for $21,800. It has the optional swing hitch, Roof A/C unit and bike carrier receiver options. It's extremely clean and a great deal!

Scott O
03-10-2008, 10:55 PM
The original post was June of last year. I'm thinking he probably has it by now!