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05-28-2007, 10:37 PM
Hi Everyone,
We picked up our 02 TM in April. Absolutely loving it. Went to Palomar Mountain (CA) last weekend, what a treat. Being a tent camper for 20+ years we almost feel like we're cheating. Oh yeah, I feel guilty in the hot shower, guilty giving the kids a bath in the lovely 2' bath and mostly guilty when I'm listening to great tunes while cooking chicken enchiladas!
Anywho, we're going to a electric only (no water/ sewer) facility this summer. I have searched 'dry camping' for advise, but it's not on the first page or so. Maybe time for a recap....
As previously mentioned in other posts, the manual is shall we say 'ap cray'? ( Maiden voyage blew the fuse and not a mention in manual as to where the bloody fuse box was). I find it easier to ask the question here and voila... answers abundant.
Looking for all dry camping advise especially re: filling the water tanks and what kind of canisters to use. Oh and those speakers over the bed, where are the wires in our 2002 2619? Over the fridge like the newer models?

Oceanside, CA

05-28-2007, 11:37 PM
Re filling the water tank, I found an automatic transmission funnel to work great. It has a rubber hose that feeds down into the spout and you can pour the water quite fast in with that without spilling. You do need someone to hold the funnel.

Any cannisters will work. I carry 5 gal of good RO water for drinking and cooking. In the 3326, I carry it under the dinette, but another good spot is in the bathtub. If you are really careful, you can take a shower with only about 5/8 inch of water usage out of the tank.

There is a block of wood above the refrig and below the counter. Pull it out carefully. It is a friction fit in. Behind it and on top of the refrig you will find a 2-strand cable coming up, doing a U-Turn, and going back into the bowells of the RV. You need to pull this pair of wires out, cut at the bend, and there you have the wiring for the two overhead speakers. That is how my '04 is wired.

Good luck and have fun!

06-01-2007, 09:45 PM
Don't forget the secret fuse inside the toilet. That was the first one to go for us. :cool:

Leslie & Nick
06-02-2007, 06:31 PM
Hi Everyone,

Looking for all dry camping advise especially re: filling the water tanks and what kind of canisters to use. Kristin Oceanside, CA

We have a TM just like yours, and sometimes dry camp. We use two of those blue, plastic 7 gal 'AquaTainer' jugs for fresh water. These water containers are available at WalMart and other places. We found, however, that pouring full jugs of water into the fresh water receptacle on the side of the TM
a bit awkward at best - especially for one person. We'd wind up spilling too much water even using various types of funnel devices. Anyway, I believe somebody on this forum mentioned using a hand operated 'bilge pump' to transfer water from the containers into the TM. We ordered one on line through REI or Cabela's. It resembles a bicycle tire pump and works pretty well with much less water loss than the pouring method. ;)

06-03-2007, 09:30 AM
We have replaced several overhead lights with florescent fixtures made for camping (any good supply will have them). Two good reasons; first they don't get nearly as hot (don't ever try to immediately change a blown out regular light-or get your burn cream handy) and second, the power usage is Way Less. Easier on your batteries or whatever power source you are running on.
We have yet to figure out why more campers don't come with the cooler fixtures; for the cost we invest on the front end, it's a bit trying to have to replace them, fixture by fixture, at $30-60 apiece. But we have been really satisfied.
Another note; if you are rushing around closing up the unit--don't forget to turn off those ceiling fixtures a bit early, if they are the standard lamped fixtures, cause they are too hot to close the unit down otherwise.