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03-26-2007, 11:47 AM
Would like to know if anybody out there has any opinion they would like to express regarding Mills RV Center in Deerfield Beach, Florida. After only a couple of days reading the postings I have seen how important The Dealer Experience can be not only in the sales aspect but more importantly his expertise in rigging, parts and warranty service.

I am a newbie to the RV world but having owned many boats and working in the marine industry it is true there are similarities, but then again there exist an ocean apart. Life and limb, g-d forbid, can fall into jeopardy by sloppy inexperienced service personnel. We have seen expensive yachts where simple things like pump valves and seacocks were lift open and tragedy ensued. I am sure some of you may have heard of boats being scuttled in nefarious methods similair to..

My point being that maybe this industry at this end of the spectrum may have sprouted workmanship that would "sink the ship" if the thing floated so to speak.

I like others do not like to show dirty laundry in public so if you have any comments that maybe should be kept offline you are more thab welcome to email me privately. Thank you.:new_newbi