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03-25-2007, 04:01 PM
We have a garage enough depth for the 2720 w/swing tounge. I visited the local dealer today and tried to the best of my ability to measure the closed height with the AC unit. I think conservatively its 65" then another 15" with the unit? I have a Boston Whaler Montauk w/swing tongue whom will have to vacate. I have 80.75" height till I reach the middle bracket bolted to the garage door in the up position. Before I bought the BW I had the dealer bring over an exact model to see if it would clear the height and depth size.

My Q is ......is there different size height AC units is there a low profile model?

I thought I could deflate the tires an inch or two. Does anybody know the exact height of the 2720 with AC?

Thank you for your help, I have marathoned your very well referenced site before I inspected a model today at Millers RV in Pompano.


03-25-2007, 07:58 PM
My garage door is 82 -1/4 inches high. My 2006 2720SL fits with 3" - 4" to spare. I have a low profile air conditioner and the factory lift kit.

If you have 80-3/4 inches, you might want to do the same fit check that you did with your boat. However, note that most garage doors can be raised farther than their installed height - the real limit is the height of the beam/header above the door.

To raise it higher, you can
a) pull the dangling cord that disconnects the door from the lift mechanism, and prop the door farther open with a length of 2X4, or
b) most garage door openers have an adjustment (a knob or screwdriver slot on the case) to open the door further.


03-25-2007, 08:29 PM
I have just returned from reading a great deal of this board's postings concerning this problem. I will try to disconnect the door mechanism and prop the door up and remeasure. Maybe I will find a way to have it retreat higher up towards a horizontial position. The approach to my door is on an encline up the driveway. There is an RV show here from April 13th maybe I can convince the dealer to attempt parking a model in the garage.
What a shame so critical an issue is so prevalent and becomes a make or break decision towards purchase. My BW Montauk is an 03 and looks new stored inside. The Florida sun and weather is a great bleaching agent and does even a better job on RVs. We dont even need to mention mold and mildew from Florida's humidity. The salesman closed up a TM for us today and it reminded me of those action figure toys I had bought for my kids where they convulute and transform into a car. This patent is well worth the effort to get it to work!

How important is the lift kit issue discussed here?

03-26-2007, 07:46 AM
The lift kit is now built into the axle at the factory and is now standard on 2007 TM's.You may be able to factory order without 2" lift ,call the factory 1-800-707-7061 .On older TM's some are bolt on and some were welded at factory(might be hard to remove).

03-26-2007, 08:08 AM

We just took delivery of a 07 2720SL. The opening on my garage is exactly the same as yours. We put the TM in the garage yesterday (snow on the way) and had a inch to an inch and a half of clearance. Supposedly the trailer has the lift as standard, as Brians mentioned. We did hold our breath as I backed it in, but the trailer is now safe and secure...
ps. we do have the low profile air conditioning unit.

Mike Anderson

03-26-2007, 10:54 AM
My 2006 2720SL with low profile A/C and lift kit fits through my 7 foot garage door (beam height) with almost 2 inches to spare, with tires at the recommended 50 psi. BTW, on a level, or nearly level, surface, the trailer is easy to push into the garage manually, assuming you put the wheel on the tongue stand. I do the heavy part, with the wife standing by and providing assistance as needed (especially putting the chocks in place).