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10-31-2006, 02:56 PM
I've seen many posts that mention that garagability (did I just make up a new word, or just misspell one?) was a key feature of TrailManors, leading many people to select TMs over competing TTs. I agree that I'd like to be able to keep a TT in my garage. My situation is a little different from many other prospective TM buyers. We're saving our pennies for several large projects, including expanding our garage, buying a suitable tow vehicle and buying a travel trailer, probably in that order.

Many of the recent posts have mentioned the size of an existing garage and asked if a particular TM model would fit in that garage. If we're going to build a garage first I'd just like to know what dimensions would make a TM fit comfortably into it. The model we're leaning toward is 3124KS, with A/C. To avoid saving pennies for an extended period we'll probably look for a used unit rather than a new one, so I don't yet know what model year it will be or if it will have a swing hitch.

Can anyone please suggest what minimum size garage would be best for a 3124KS? I've seen the stories of backing in until something on the TM collides with some part of the garage. With some forethought I'd like to avoid that parking maneuver.

10-31-2006, 03:44 PM
3124. At least 24 feet with regular hitch and about 22 feet with swing hitch. Think about side of garage that you will store, walking room around TM in gargae and an garage service access or home entrance doors. And any step-ups in the garage such as where you enter home area. I have a 25 ft long 3 car side-by-side with one double and one single garage door. My 2007 2720 is actually 20' 3" when closed. The swing hitch takes it down to 18" 3". It will not fit through the single garage door. However, it fits nicely on the other side. I still have about 5 feet between the wall and back of TM which is where I have my 2 ft wide workbench.

For a 3124, I would suggest a garage that is at the least of 25 feet with no swing hitch. However, you will not have much room to maneuver at this length. So go as long as you can so you have room on all sides to manuever and add in sizes of anything that you plan to have next to the wall.

10-31-2006, 07:21 PM
One thing that seems apparent is that the TM website specifications are pretty accurate. You can find them here for all models:
Dont' forget to add the A/C height and also add 2" for a lift kit if the unit has one (apparently all 2007s have one as standard). If your driveway slopes towards the garage door, then the TM will enter the garage at an angle and because of that you might need more height at the door.
It seems that swing hitches can be installed after market if the TM doesn't have one when you buy it - this may be cheaper than adding another two feet to your garage expansion plans. There are various backup sensors which will prevent collisions with a part of the garage. For the length, I think I would probably want to have at least an extra 1ft to play with and I would use one of those devices, e.g:


11-02-2006, 04:14 PM
George and Paul - Thanks for the good info! I appreciate all the details you supplied. Now I better start saving nickels instead of pennies, to speed up this process.