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10-23-2006, 09:19 AM

My wife and I are definately considering a TM. We currently own a Aliner popup, so we know the advantages of a hardsided trailer. It has now come to a time where more room and a bathroom are important. However, we don't want to give up the idea of a relatively compact trailer and ease of set up. We realize the TM can't compete with the 'A' as to setting up (30 seconds for the 'A'), but the advantages of a larger trailer and a bath are, at this point, more important.
From the little I have read on this forum the owners seem to be a loyal and helpful as the 'A' forum I read. So that leads me to my question.
I have read a little about the tiolet and the process of filling, priming, and dumping, so am confused at why the company is using this type of toilet as opposed to the 'standard' rv toilet? Now my 'A' doesn't have a bath so I haven't the faintest idea on what the 'best' toilet in a rv would be, but it strikes me that there is a lot of issues with this toilet. Am I wrong on this?
Regardless, we will be selling our 'A' and purchasing a TM next spring. So the toilet issue isn't a major issue, just something to deal with.

On another note, it was funny how we discovered the TM. I saw in the latest issue of Trailer Life a article on the HiLo and started doing some research. Didn't like the floorplans on that trailer but discovered the TM and we really like the 2720SL. Then the next day was driving home from the store and noticed the neighbors trailer (which has been sitting there for at least 6 months) which turned out to be a TM. What luck. Got a chance to see the inside and both the wife and I were quite impressed.

Sorry to ramble, but just wanted to say Hi, and ask the question. Thanks for all the good info on this site.

Mike & Lil Anderson

10-23-2006, 09:42 AM
I think the number 1 reason is going to be weight. A "standard" head with a black water holding tank will add extra weight to the trailer. You'll also have to carry more water, = more weight, for the flush. The Thetford in the TM is a recirculating head that uses the initial charge to do the flushing. The only extra liquid that is added is, well, not to be indelicate, your own. Also the rinsing of the "standard" black water tank is much more time consuming.

As far as the setup time goes, I think it will become a moot point once you get the hang of it. It sure sounds much more complicated than it really is, with a few runs under your belt. Takes the wife and me, at worst, 1/3 the time of the old popup. Initial leveling, disconnect from the TV, opening the TM, doing the interior, final leveling, awning, chairs, beer maybe 20 minutes if I'm realllllllllly slow. :rolleyes:

Bill & Lisa
10-23-2006, 09:50 AM
concur with weight being a consideration. I am happy they went with this recirculating toilet vice a "cartridge" toilet some of the pop ups with "bathrooms" use. Much easier to pull the handle and have it dump just like a regular black water tank version through the same connection as the grey water. Much less mess and potential for close contact of an undesirable nature.


10-23-2006, 11:17 AM
Wow! Four responses in a little over an hour.

The weight issue. That explains a lot to me. Again, as I have never had a rv with a bath I didn't realize that you would need more weight for the tank and of course the added water. Makes sense.

Regarding the issues, maybe I used the wrong word, but I noticed the comments about flushing the water every few days, whether to keep it charged or not during travel, some folks having problems with the valves. Again, please understand I have NO idea about rv toilets and just thought there must be a better way. But seeing the weight issue I think I now understand why TM went the way they did (I might just call them to find out for sure).

The setup, of course, is just setting the walls up, so I see what you folks are saying that their won't be much difference in time (all things considered) with my current rv. I did help my neighbors set their TM up. They, obviously, don't use their trailer as it took about 20 minuites to get it unfolded. In fact I had to help pull out the front end of the TM. They admitted to not using it more than twice in the 3 years they have had it. Basically uses it as a guest house. Also I don't think where they store it is level. I must guess that it would make a huge difference if the trailer is not level.

Lastly I don't think pulling a 2720 will be an issue (at least I hope not) as I have a 2005 Toyota Tacoma. I checked the manual, after reading a lot about that on this forum, and found I have a 6500 limit on the trailer with this truck. Also the GVWR is 11100. The truck is 4000 by itself so allowing roughly 4000 for the trailer and maybe 800 for 'stuff' I think I will be ok. That is unless anyone thinks differently? I do realize that I will need a WDH and even Toyota recomends one.

Thank you all for your feedback. Both the wife and I feel that the TM will be a great improvement over our current rv. I'm sure I will have more questions as I pour over all the info on this site.

Mike Anderson

10-23-2006, 11:59 AM
On the toilet: Like the plumbing in your home, a standard RV toilet with black water tank needs a vent pipe, preferably through the roof, to expell the gases. Some here have even vented their TM toilets through the side and then up but doing so adds to setup/take down as parts have to be removed and stored. There is also the problem of having room underneath on some models for another tank.

Doug W.
10-23-2006, 05:18 PM
I think the trade-off is mainly for dry camping. With a normal RV toilet, you would have to have fresh water for each and every flush. It normally takes between .5 and 1 gallon per flush. With the TM toilet you put in I think it is three gallons initial charge and then use it until time to dump. For the wife and I that is normally almost 3 days.

There was one thread where someone replace the TM toilet with a normal RV toilet. He said he did not dry camp and that he would not camp at a campground without hookups. I personally am not will to give up that option.

Doug W.
10-23-2006, 05:25 PM
I tried to edit my post to add:

You are right, a TM is much easier to setup if level. I personally would not open mine unless it was. My tow vehicle has the same tow rating as your. That translates to you being able to tow any trailer TM makes although the 3326King would be at your upper limit.

10-24-2006, 08:36 AM
Thanks again, for all your comments. I kinda figured my truck would be adequate, but its good to get confirmation. I did call the factory and unfortanetely the engineer was on vacation, will call next week. However, after reading more on this site and, of course, the comments here, I pretty much understand the reasoning behind the Thetford toilet. Just something to get used too.


10-25-2006, 10:54 AM

Welcome to the family by the way. This site is a huge help.

For me, I was also concerned about the toilet before we bought ours; however, after careful reading here I determined that if the chemicals are used properly and the amount of solid waste is mimized there is no problem. I happen to be using mine full time for 6-months due to a recall by the Navy Reserve and have had no problems whatsoever. (In fact my wife back home is becoming concerend that I am becoming to snug in my little second home!)

Again, welcome.